Being an operator takes some real fucking balls. SOAR Train-up Plan. As an officer you must be at least 1LT(P), which means a promotable 1st lieutenant, or a captain.

He got to BUD's and during the beginning he said they were showing a video of a guy getting his head sawed off by ISIS, talking about "This is your enemy, get ready to kill him" kinda stuff. Feel free to PM me due to issues of opsec.

We'd also started smoking some weed and being more reflective about the world as we'd aged. Fucked up the STAR, and I'm a grumpy fucker without sleep/food, turn for leading the team event did not go well. He said it wasn't what he expected, and he was disappointed by the whole process. I'm talking realistically, not what some mission statement or army recruiting blurb says. But I smiled inwardly as I remembered how, in my last UK job, I once found myself completing a risk assessment for use of the office photocopier. I wasn't Army or Special Forces but, when I was on Medina Training annex for the Air Force some PJ trainee failed indoctrination. I'm looking at commissioning options down the line and I'm trying to get a good glimpse of what kinds of things I would be tasked with as an SF officer (junior) both downrange and in the conus.

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I'm a 18Z Team Sergeant and I've seen officers come and go.

A guy who has served his country in an SOF capacity, and merely asking for input, doesn't warrant the treatment given to the high school kids on the board. Or having the boring function of being DACO while the troops are getting ready to conduct a HAF on a HVT.,, In the desert or Victoria, depending on the date, Potential 18x Looking for SF Mentor and Training Partner (LA Area). I'm not an SF Officer, so I'm reluctant to post and set a poor example (i.e., posting out of my lane). sierraleems: See my PM for my thoughts on your question.

Is it possible after earning a commission (2LT) to go to a conventional infantry unit, then when eligible after promotion to 1LT go to 75th Ranger Rgt.

Our worldview has certainly changed in the time since we both were in and we just see war through a different lens now and in many ways he's glad he didn't make it.

Or having the boring function of being DACO while the troops are getting ready to conduct a HAF on a HVT. :2c: ... sierraleems: See my PM for my thoughts on your question. There are NO Junior Officers in SF - you can't even put in a request for SFAS until you are a 1LT(P). I'm interested in hearing from SF officers what their day to day life is like. I plan on doing ROTC in college, and then what?

My map case broke during SFAS on the Star course and I lost my map busting a draw at 0300. The US military has plenty of specialized units with varying missions and each has their own niche carved out thru years of intense training. Former commander of mine finished JREG/Orange selection but wasn't picked up.

I'm a 18Z Team Sergeant and I've seen officers come and go. Um, you need to do research there kid. He's getting his MBA now and plans on running for office somewhere.

I'm very good friends with an SMU guy who fell flat on his face at SFAS. Is it possible for someone straight out of ROTC to go to SFAS?

You can either ignore pain, exhaustion, heat, and cold while maintaining mental acuity or not.

My money would be on him to making it thru selection!

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Press J to jump to the feed. He said at first he was disappointed but very quickly saw that at the end of the day it simply wasn't for him. Not far from the south of Canada, 'Murica! My friend realized he didn't really want to go out killing people and decided to try a different way to save the world. Yeah, either one of those. Thought about the mistakes I made, including the things brought up in the out-brief.

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The enlisted option (18X) will take you through basic training, 11B (infantryman) training, and airborne prior to SFAS. In order for an officer to be in an ODA, I have heard that they must be a Cpt. But you only get to pick one at any given time to ignore. I don't need information about how to apply, or what selection is like. RASP was a very humbling experience for me and it made me realized what I needed to work on. We get some kids on the site from time to time who haven't done their homework and expect the answers to their life's ambitions to be handed to them on a silver platter by those who have been where they want to go.

I have heard that Lt's can go to SFAS/Q Course. One had completed SFAS. He did SAR swimmer and went back to BUD's a second time 2 years later and was DQ'd for a reason I can't exactly remember. Another thing to think about - there are five or six enlisted MOSs compared to the one officer MOS. Besides, I am probably unworthy to even walk in your foot steps!!! You must have no more than 12 years time in service and nine months time-in-grade when applying for the SFAS course (E-7). So, you’ve volunteered to be in Special Forces and you’re getting ready to go to Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS). Some attend as 1LT(P)'s, before they attend the Infantry or Armor Officer Advanced Course (Actually now called the Infantry Captain Career Course, or ICCC) for about five months then attend a three month Command and Staff Service School (CAS^3). SFAS Packing List. He's now a SSGT and doing his job, and still in the Army. With SFAS selecting at about a 50 percent rate at that time, the same percentage of candidates failing the SFQC was unacceptable.

I went to RASP a while back. He went AWOL, came back with some guns and shot up the commander of the 342nd. These aren't schools for people that want to be failures. But it is just my opinion, unfounded as it may be! I am not sure. If you don't feel like answering that's cool, your initial post just made me wonder. Alot of guys that don't get picked up know why they didn't, even if they don't admit to it, and either use it as their own personal "I hit my limit, I'm out " marker, or they use the experience to improve themselves. That was a fun day.

Trained super hard on his own got in the best shape of his life and told me he was going to do it this time.

SORB(A) Form 1182 USAJFKSWCS Waiver Instructions. How they will be assigned, should they go all the way? ARSOF Volunteer Statement (Officer) SORB(A) Form 1182 USAJFKSWCS Waiver.

160th SOAR. Proving yourself in a SOF unit is a never ending task. Currently, if you are on Active Duty, you must be a 1LT(P) (selected for promotion to captain) before you can attend SFAS. Kenyan soldiers: 'For every one of us we'll take ten of them.' Friend of mine failed his Army Ranger training. He had become disillusioned with the army anyhow and decided to call it quits.
I'm an operator, I finished my degree and pre med four years with a 3.6, and I'm not a kid. I’m NG so had to do a mandatory 6 month train up prior to going and basically rearrange my whole life around the possibility of doing the two year pipeline.