Mid-Bay Bridge.

Follow FR 269 for approximately 12 miles to the Sheep Bridge at the Verde River. The surrounding undeveloped wilderness, clean streams and diverse forests support an abundance of wildlife, including bighorn sheep, deer, native fish and migratory birds.

Portions of the old bridge remain today on the west banks of the Verde. Columbia River. A suspension bridge was later built and used for about 3 years at Tangle Creek.

Sheep Bridge is on the Verde River, is currently accessible, and yes there is smallmouth bass fishing there. Most of us know that fishing at Sheeps Bridge and on Wickiup this time of year can produce large, healthy rainbows and brown trout. Map Information, Fish Species: Large and Smallmouth Bass; Crappie; Sunfish; Channel and Flathead Catfish, Forest Service Home | USDA.gov | recreation.gov | Recreation Customer Service Standards | USA.gov | Whitehouse.gov, Plug-Ins | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Important Notices | Information Quality, https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/tonto/recarea/?recid=35219, Tonto National Forest extends Stage 1 Fire Restrictions, Campground prospectus for the Payson Ranger District, Tonto National Forest.

This is one of the best-known fisheries in Destin, which attracts schools of fish and scores of boating anglers.

Caught at Havasu. 2324 E. McDowell Rd. An early solution to this problem was a pontoon bridge built at Red Creek, about 6 miles north of the current Sheep Bridge. Visitors can explore wilderness areas, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and approximately 1,600 miles of trails that comprise nearly 2.5 million acres the Deschutes National Forest and the adjacent Ochoco National Forest. The material used came from an Arizona mine and from a railroad line. This worked, but the bridge would have to be disassembled and reassembled each time a herder wanted to cross since flash flooding could sweep the bridge away. BEST RIDE TO SHEEPS BRIDGE - HORSE SHOE DAM - … Many of the campsites offer sweeping views of Deschutes River, a major tributary of the Columbia River.
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From Carefree, take Cave Creek Road/Forest Road (FR) 24 for approximately 33 miles to the Bloody Basin-Tangle Creek area.

The bridge was started in 1943 and finished in 1944 at a cost of $7,277.

Posted on azgfd 'Jack caught this monster 48-pound, 13-ounce striper in about 10 feet of water in the flats across from South Cove.'. Portions of the old bridge remain today on the west banks of the Verde.

Exploring each bank you can find large anchor points where the steel cables are sturdily affixed to the rock. Verde River Sheep Bridge is a historic suspension bridge spanning the Verde River about 30 miles north of Carefree, Arizona. There are several access points for both boat and bank fishing. Description.

This page shows the site focusing on the newer 1989 replacement bridge. Alert: COVID-19 updates and current fire conditions. The bridge pylons attract numerous Redfish and Speckled Trout which stay here most of the year. Stay limit 14 days, no motor boats allowed, no trailers, Caution: Water levels fluctuate seasonally and the river can run with great velocity. (928) 402-6200 Supervisor's Office

The Verde River was a formidable obstacle and while swimming sheep across the river, it was not uncommon to lose a few sheep at each crossing. Roosevelt, Arizona 85545 To contact us, call 1-800-547-7842 or email. In 1988, the old bridge was disassembled and the current bridge was built by the Forest Service in 1989. (480) 610-3300, Payson Ranger District Sheep Bridge was used by sheep herders until 1978. Sheep Bridge is the gateway to the west side of the Mazatzal Wilderness.

Lower Lake Mary, the smaller of Flagstaff's twin lakes, has a tendency to disappear during the long dry... Catfish point is just below Horseshoe Dam on the Verde River. The bridge is a 10-minute boat ride away from the East Pass and offers excellent light tackle action. . Secondary Number: The Flagstaff Sheep Company and the Howard Sheep Company constructed the original bridge to minimize the loss of sheep when crossing the river.

A road to the site was built in 1943 and construction began immediately.

5140 E. Ingram St.

On the banks high above the river stands a replica of the Verde River Sheep Bridge. A boat ramp for river access is also available at the campground.

Another page of Patrick's photos focuses on the original 1943 bridge. This was just posted last week.
There was a problem however.

The Flagstaff Sheep Company, which owned around 11,000 head of sheep, decided to construct a permanent bridge over the Verde at the current site.

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From its source at Little Lava Lake 133 miles downstream to Lake Billy Chinook, the Deschutes River has excellent year-round trout fishing. Is any of the information on this page incorrect? The cables on the bridge were brought from old mine tramways at the Bluebell and Golden Turkey Mine to the west.

Tonto Passes and Fees are not required at this site, Cave Creek Ranger District (480)-595-3300.