I have a brand new Shimano Saragosa 4000F reel. These reels offer up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish. I’ve got the 5000, and a couple of 6000. will be adding a 10k and 20k for heavy jigging soon.

it was a just better deal and its shimano sw. Bought this reel with hi expectation. The only surprise is that it is a little heavier that I thought it would be . IMG_0203.jpg.

Small and strong reel i got the 20000 for tuna fishing but it was over kill for red snapper and jacks i got lot more fun pulling red snapper and jacks with this combined with my shimano tipej rod it is perfect. – X-Ship technology provides improved gear durability and eliminates friction between the spool shaft and gear enhancing the casting performance and allowing for longer casts. I don’t see this as a negative but if you are used to an auto bail engagement it will take some time to get used to it. Super smooth drag. Has very fast line retrieval to get fish or the bottom to prevent the toothy critters from eating your dinner! It feels solid, casts excellent, has great drag. and then, the spools are interchangeable ! G. gtousey Newbie. Super stiff body and super smooth. I’ve caught large striped bass to 9′ sharks on this reel & it performs very well. The reel is light for it’s size, weighing only 16.4 ounces and it matches up beautifully with surf rods ranging from 9′ to 10’6”.

mainly use it for strippers or some sturgeons and will be travelling for future catch hopefully.

Through tens of thousands of casting tests and computer simulations it has been determined that this new spool lip design provides longer casting distances than a standard spool lip design while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming. Ask our experts a question about this part and we will respond as soon as we can.

Versatile reel, Strong smooth drag. Worth the investment! Click "I agree" or any link to accept these cookies. With the use of rubber gaskets the drag is sealed against intrusion of the elements such as water and dust. i was debating of getting the van staal 150. they weigh about the same the van stall is slightly smaller but luckily my buddy wanted it too and this was on sale for 269 if you buy 2 reels plus it came with a mustard 6in filet knive. Used this reel late summer and early fall to catch big bull reds. I have recently switched 90% of my reels to all saragosa sw with the exception of a stradic fj and a saragosa 4000f. 25 −28% S$ 239. I have a few of these reels and really like them.

The drag on this reel is smooth. Attachments. I have this reel paired up with my Tsunami TSAWEBC-701MHJ Airwaves Elite Braid Casting Rod.

Saragosa SW features Propulsion Line Management System, Paladin Gearing, Waterproof drag and Shielded A-RB bearings.

Used it 1 season on the boat as a backup and the same fall season as a surf reel. Packed with the best Shimano features including XShip for efficient power transmission plus HD gear and shielded ARB bearings, the Saragosa SW also features an XShield waterproof body and drag to protect it from the harsh saltwater environment. It’s lightweight and compact but still has good line capacity on braid and can put the breaks on some decent sized fish making aggressive runs.

The Shimano Saragosa SW saltwater reel is part of Shimano’s offshore spinning line up dedicated to the Blue Water angler, the Saragosa reels come in a wide range of sizes from 5000 up to a massive 25000, to suit the demands of all saltwater game anglers.

A waterproof reel that can be used in the surf and has a lot of the bells and whistles that the higher priced models boast and won’t break the bank.

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Are extra spools available for these Saragosa reels?

This will enhance the casting performance of the reel with lighter lures, and allow for longer casts.

The Shimano Saragossa spinning reels are made in Malaysia.

Thank you $150.00 Shipped . It's the fruit of Shimano's inexhaustible pursuit for durability; the strength and power of forged metal continues to represent the fundamental concept of Shimano reels.

Saragosa SW features Propulsion Line Management System, HAGANE Gearing, waterproof drag, and shielded A-RB bearings. Super disappointed in the quality of workmanship. The Saragosa is one of my favorite offshore spinners for general offshore use. Butter smooth, well build, casts far. Smooth drag, good line capacity, even better when used with braid.

Copyright © 2020 eReplacementParts.com Inc. Shimano SRG-4000F Saragosa Spinning Reel Parts. IMG_0200.jpg. The HAGANE Body is a metal reel body with high rigidity. Pm me if you have any questions. In fact, it is capable of dialling up anywhere from 10 to 20 kilos of hurt on your quarry, depending on the reel model. Great smooth drag and very versatile. A one piece bail arm assembly smoothly guides the line to the roller, Shimano’s Cam Oscillation system combines with the AR-C spool to ensure that braided line like Power Pro lays neatly on the retrieve without any dips or troughs, and leaves the spool with less resistance while casting or in the wake of a big fish. Receive money-saving advice and special discounts!

It is very similar to the Spheros I have and the only differences I can tell from using is the Saragosa is a little smoother and faster. I tested out it’s claim to be waterproof by submerging the reel in a 5 gallon bucket of water overnight and when I took it apart the next morning to check for water intrusion, the internals were completely dry! $2.03 Add to Cart. The iconic Shimano lever drag multiplier reel used all around the world in both fresh and saltwater.

Best alternatives to Shimano Saragosa SW. I’ve got the 5000, and a couple of 6000. will be adding a 10k and 20k for heavy jigging soon.

This means the gears will stay in the same position under the heaviest loads.

Tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power. The smaller sizes are perfect for casting, spinning and jigging. Handled 25lbers with live baits at 125 ft of water and 15lbers on the jig. I fish a lot of boulder fields where getting control of big fish quickly is crucial and the Saragosa 6000 has no problems putting the brakes on them. Discussion in 'Reels' started by jigmaniac, Sep 13, 2012.

In sizes for off the beach, inshore action, and blue water use. If you need more drag and have the funding, the twin power will fit the bill. It's efficiency through strength. The body stiffness and impact resistance virtually eliminates body flexing.
Dealer Catalogue 2020. – Equipped with a Propulsion Line Management System that provides longer casting distances while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming. Is the handle reversable for reeling with your right hand? No cutting work is applied to the teeth of the drive gear. In sizes for off the beach, inshore action, and blue water use. Have had my reel stripped to 7/8 on several occasions. Did the job and put the brakes on decent bottom fish. I got this reel a few weeks ago but haven’t experience any catch yet.

Tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power with up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish.From an angling perspective, every individual who has owned and enjoyed using Shimano tackle has a reason to thank a Japanese visionary named Shozaburo Shimano, who in 1921 declared “I aim to make Shimano’s products the best in Kansai, then the best in Japan, and finally the best in the world.”For over 80 years, Shimano has concentrated on precision engineering, one step at a time. – Shielded roller bearings on both sides reducing the possibility of salt or sand from obstructing the bearing’s rotation while the waterproof drag uses rubber gaskets to protect against intrusion of the elements. Shimano SRG-4000F Saragosa Spinning Reel Parts. I believe the design is an improvement over the previous model with this name. Can’t say I surprised at all! I would not recommend going swimming in the surf with this bad boy for extended periods but dunking it here and there shouldn’t be a problem.

perfectly match with the okuma nomad or the lamiglas insane10 footer rod. I couldn’t be happier. Dropped it in the surf, like nothing happened! All of the reels are on new Shimano Trevela rods of various lengths. It has the power to turn his head and winch him to the boat.

These bearings have been through the same process as our A-RB bearings, but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing's rotation.