In the story of Grand Order, Amakusa plays a minor role in Part 1 Fate/Grand Order: Observer on Timeless Temple. hello everyone it is i, agramar! fate apocrypha 24 : amakusa Shiro vs sieg eng sub - YouTube Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He wears a collar shirt underneath his Kimono and a Cravat tied around his collar. It's a two on two this time around with the hero and villain of Fate: Apocrypha taking on the hero and anti-hero of Fate/stay night. 0 Kudos Escanor998. However, due to Siegfried's skill, there are few foes who can exploit this weakness without resorting to outright assassination. Because he tried to save not individual people, but only the human race itself. What would tamami koboyashis profile look like, I’m not gonna shit on the wiki cuz I use it. on top of that wanna know the worst part? His vestment is a type of a red holy shroud and he wore a red stole over his cassock. In the first place, it is a matter of argument whether or not Shirou’s actions are truly evil. Jeanne is not allowed to use command spells on Saber. Then him and Bakugo split apart an entire storm that was literally going to destroy the island. Despite his stockpile of command seals, Ruler was unable to protect his master from death. r/fatestaynight: For everything related to Fate/stay night or its spin-offs. He once hated everything, from God to humans. Type of Hero R3 Sieg + Jeanne vs Shirou (UBW) + Saber (Rin is Master). You are indeed where you belong. Bellerophon is too much for Astolfo to handle, and Medusa is already a pretty decent fighter. In reality he is trying to save humanity to forgive himself for not being able to save a single person, he wishes for everyone to throw away their selfishness and create a world where everyone is saved and happy. Even Achilles, one of the most famous heroes in the world, failed to leave a scratch on Siegfried due to this Noble Phantasm. He wears a tradition umanori hakama with Shin guards which had cloth straps that were used to tie the Shin guards to the lower leg. His hair was originally black and his skin was originally pale .His hair became white as compensation for when he forcefully incarnated and after that his skin changed color because he spent twenty years in the middle-east. Do-Gooder However, Noble Phantasm-class abilities used by antiheroes, heroes legendary for their feats of slaying dragons, or wielding dragon slaying weapons or spells will bypass Armor of Fafnir entirely. Save changes Preview Cancel. Low-Mid over time; Servants are able to continue fighting even with a hole through their gut, and can regenerate unless their head/heart are destroyed, or they run out of mana), Non-Physical Interaction (Can attack and kill spiritual beings like ghosts and Servants), All previous abilities plus Flight, Energy Projection and Can travel to the Reverse Side of the World, Attack Potency: Wall level (He would've killed Gordes with his magecraft had he not blocked it) | At least Small City level, possibly Island level+ (Traded blows with Shirou Kotomine, a combat-ready Servant who was able to clash against Berserker of Black) | At least Small City level, possibly Island level+ (Duplicates Siegfried's strength, allowing him to fight and trade blows with Mordred), Large Island level with Balmung (An A+ Anti-Army Noble Phantasm, matched Clarent Blood Arthur, and by using it over and over again rapidly, he can match Brahmastra Kundala), Continent level with Balmung against Dragons (Siegfried killed Fafnir with the blast) | Continent level (As a dragon, Fafnir's existence is beyond that of a Servant, with Mash, Jeanne, Mozart and Marie being completely sure of their defeat at his hands, and he overpowered both Luminosité Eternelle and Lord Chaldeas at the same time.