Eine Kollektion von 33 Objekten erstellt von. He can also be recruited to the Blades if the Dragonborn talks to Delphine while he is a follower. A NEWER VERSION THAT ALSO INCLUDES ALL DLC NPC'S IS AVADABLE ON THE NEXUS. The Argonian heads are also added as helmets which require an invisible head. Racial Abilities: Real Argonians of Black Marsh, -----------------------------------------, ATTENTION: Due to technical problems I cannot post here the latest version of this mod. It would look like hair, right? They all can be tempered at the sharpening wheel and their enchantments can be learned at the enchanter. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. So, I made new Argonian-specific models for all of the boots and shoes in the game with a look inspired by the always popular velociraptor.... AmA - Argonian Mercenary Armor - With Armored Tail, Marsh Armor-Custom Ebony Argonian Hevy Armor. - Beast Race Bodypaints by DomainWolf - body overlays for your characters, 'cause you don't want them to be to plain now do you? !! Sie müssen sich anmelden oder einen Account erstellen, um dies zu tun. Then you have to check out these mods. Hey, remember how I had spare time and made Khajiit voicepack? My aim is to bring you quality content so you can get the best out of your games and take your experience to the next level! !! In any case this mod makes your Argonian capable of growing fins once again. So, I had more spare time and Argonians voicepack, here is comes: Thumbs down: Not enuff Battle Toads. !NOW WITH TALKING MERCHANT MUDCRAB!!!---! The mod is fully voiced by a cast including talent from Beyond Skyrim, The Forgotten City, Vigilant, Citizens of Tamriel, and several other notable mods. Time to make your Argonian look like a discount version of Bob Marley with one of the sleekest hair mods that I’ve seen in all of my years playing and modding this fantastic game. A house fitting for an Argonian, but in Skyrim? !NOW WITH TALKING MERCHANT MUDCRAB!!! As you might’ve noticed, many of the mods that I picked for this list aren’t really major changes for Argonians. Edit. If you have any ideas for more options or improvements, be sure to let me know about them. Muscles - Options for different levels of muscular. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. This mod replaces the skins of every jarl and every would be jarl. just a all around collection of Argonian mods ive seen on the workshop... ***This mod would conflict with any other mod that replaces the argonian skin textures, including the raptor feet mod***. A Simple and immersive lore friendly mod with realistic crafting that allows players to build the Reel-Ka set, or simply, the Warrior Armour. With this mod you’ll be able to access different eye styles for your Argonian character during the character creation menu. I absolutely love this thing! I’ve compiled a list featuring the best of the best that you can install which improve your experience as an Argonian player, making various additions to the game (some of which you didn’t know you needed) and turning the game into a much more pleasing experience. It whitens the teeth of Argonians and … The helmet versions of heads seem to not be showing up at all when selected for female characters. leave a like if you enjoyed this, and maby share it with friends, it would help me out! Supports all kind of default and custom waterbreathing effects like Argonian ability, waterbreathing potions, wat... Derp Face Cure, texture bug patch for 'Lizards of Skyrim'. Yes, in fact they do. It is also features a few options to choose from. the mods i used in this video are found in the steam workshop, check them out! Note: Please, do not ask for item IDs. But I digress. Argonian Mods for a Friend. Fun content on everything pop culture. I encourage you to download the latest version from. With this mod you can summon 9 Mini Dragons (icewraiths models), Mounts and -simple-Followers, wherever you want + you can find a Mini Dragon (with speech) inside Whiterun (near the south bulwarks) . This mod lets you adopt beast kids ( Argonian and Khajiit). It is only visible to you. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. This mod adds an armor that is meant to be worn by Argonians, which means to represent the swamplands from which they come. I'm a Mass Communications graduate with a specialization in Marketing, as well as a hardcore gamer. All rights reserved. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. And you’ll be able to set them up on your character while in the creation menu. -you may not reupload this mod onto any other modding website. The Argonian mercenary armor might as well be the only armor in the game that truly suits an Argonian fighter, and it makes them look as badass as any other warrior in the game. !NOW WITH TALKING MERCHANT MUDCRAB!!! (For SE) User Info: Will_1231. With a bonus, player can … I do not like how they look at all. But it does make a world of difference and it’s instantly noticeable one you add them to the game. They wander all over Skyrim collecting artifacts, hunting, exploring and selling their wares to fellow travelers. They wander all over Skyrim collecting artifacts, hunting, exploring and selling their wares to fellow travelers. Interesting NPCs - Patch (in the main installer), Inconsequential NPCs - Patch (in the main installer), Immersive College Of Winterhold - Patch (in the main installer), PJ - Beast Feet - Patch (in the main installer), -THIS MOD IS MOSTLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE SPECIAL EDITION, BUT I CAN'T GUARANTEE EVERY PATCH WILL WORK WITH IT.-. You can use the invisible head from this mod or from another and just disable this one in the .ini file. !! There are some very bad mods out there, so worry not – I’m leaving those out of the list! So they look much better without feeling “out of place” in the world of TES. this does not replace any armor in the game.