6.4.4 In cases of pay in lieu of unfulfilled surplus period, Option (b) and Option (c)(i), the employee relinquishes any priority rights for reappointment upon the Employer’s acceptance of his or her resignation. The following directives, as amended from time to time by National Joint Council recommendation, which have been approved by the Treasury Board of Canada, form part of this agreement: First Aid to the General Public: Allowance for Employees, Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive, Public Service Health Care Plan Directive. In such cases, the amount of the reduction shall not exceed the amount of the grant, bursary or scholarship. Adjustments will be made once the employee provides proof of receipt of Employment Insurance or Québec Parental Insurance Plan parental benefits. If an agreement is not reached within 18 months from the establishment of the technical committee, or should the parties reach impasse before then, the parties agree to jointly appoint a mediator within 30 days. 36.01 Up to three decimal seven five (3.75) hours of reasonable time off with pay will be granted to pregnant employees for the purpose of attending routine medical appointments. The PSC will refer surplus employees and laid-off persons to positions, in all departments, organizations and agencies governed by the PSEA, for which they are potentially qualified for the essential qualifications, unless the individuals have advised the PSC and their home departments or organizations in writing that they are not available for appointment. 1.1.2 Departments or organizations shall carry out effective human resource planning to minimize the impact of workforce adjustment situations on indeterminate employees, on the department or organization, and on the public service. 4.2.5 When a retraining plan has been approved and the surplus employee continues to be employed by the home department or organization, the proposed lay-off date shall be extended to the end of the retraining period, subject to 4.2.3. Terms of reference of such committees shall include a process for addressing alternation requests from other departments and organizations. The provisions of this clause do not apply when the employee travels in connection with courses, training sessions, professional conferences and seminars, unless the employee is required to attend by the Employer. 2.1.4 Such notification will include the identity and location of the work unit(s) involved, the expected date of the announcement, the anticipated timing of the workforce adjustment situation and the number, group and level of the employees who are likely to be affected by the decision. The granting of sessional leave is subject to operational requirements and such leave must normally be taken during periods of low demand in the fiscal year for which it is granted. The weekly and daily hours of work may be varied by the Employer following consultation with the Alliance to allow for summer and winter hours, provided the annual total of hours is not changed. 18.25 A grievor may by written notice to the immediate supervisor or officer-in-charge abandon a grievance. 11.04 An employee who satisfies the Alliance as to the bona fides of his or her claim and declares in an affidavit that he or she is a member of a religious organization whose doctrine prevents him or her as a matter of conscience from making financial contributions to an employee organization and that he or she will make contributions to a charitable organization registered pursuant to the Income Tax Act, equal to dues, shall not be subject to this article, provided that the affidavit submitted by the employee is countersigned by an official representative of the religious organization involved. Where practicable, a reasonable job offer shall be within the employee’s headquarters as defined in the Travel directive. Her Majesty in right of Canada will seek portability arrangements between the Public Service Superannuation Plan and the pension plan of the new employer where a portability arrangement does not yet exist. 18.08 A grievor wishing to present a grievance at any prescribed level in the grievance procedure, shall transmit this grievance to the employee’s immediate supervisor or local officer-in-charge who shall forthwith: 18.09 A grievance shall not be deemed to be invalid by reason only of the fact that it is not in accordance with the form supplied by the Employer. A pay increment shall be to the next rate in the scale of rates. Payment shall be in one instalment per year and shall be at the employee’s daily rate of pay, as calculated from the classification prescribed in his or her certificate of appointment of his or her substantive position on March 31 of the applicable previous vacation year. Compensatory leave with pay not used by the end of a twelve (12) month period, to be determined by the Employer, will be paid for in cash at the employee’s hourly rate of pay, as calculated from the classification prescribed in the certificate of appointment of the employee’s substantive position at the end of the twelve (12) month period. the deputy head of the home department or organization decides that, in comparison to other options, it is preferable that certain employees be encouraged to stay in their jobs until the day of workplace relocation; the employee has opted not to relocate with the function. 1.1.24 Where a surplus employee is appointed by another department or organization to a term position, the home department or organization is responsible for the costs above for one (1) year from the date of such appointment, unless the home department or organization agree to a longer period, after which the appointing department or organization becomes the new home department or organization consistent with PSC authorities. 1.2.1 It is the responsibility of the Treasury Board Secretariat to: 1.3.1 Within the context of workforce adjustment, and the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) governing legislation, it is the responsibility of the PSC to: 1.3.2 The PSC will, in accordance with the Privacy Act: 1.3.3 The PSC’s roles and responsibilities flow from its governing legislation, not the collective agreement. the employee shall repay the Employer all allowances paid to him or her under this article during the education leave or such lesser sum as shall be determined by the Employer. An employee who is required to change his or her scheduled shift without receiving at least seven (7) days’ notice in advance of the starting time of such change in his or her scheduled shift shall be paid for the first (1st) shift worked on the revised schedule at the rate of time and one-half (1 1/2) for the first (1st) seven decimal five (7.5) hours and double (2) time thereafter. 6.1.1 Deputy heads will be expected to provide a guarantee of a reasonable job offer for those affected employees for whom they know or can predict that employment will be available. 14.06 When operational requirements permit, the Employer will grant leave with pay to an employee who is: 14.07 Where an employee representative wishes to discuss a grievance with an employee who has asked or is obliged to be represented by the Alliance in relation to the presentation of his or her grievance, the Employer will, where operational requirements permit, give them reasonable leave with pay for this purpose when the discussion takes place in their headquarters area and reasonable leave without pay when it takes place outside their headquarters area. Consultation will be held at the local level for fact-finding and implementation purposes. 1. Part I of this memorandum of understanding shall apply to the incumbents of positions which will be reclassified to a group and/or level having a lower attainable maximum rate of pay after the date this memorandum of understanding becomes effective. The pay increment period for indeterminate employees at levels DA-1 to DA-8 is the anniversary date of such appointment. 6.1.4 If the employee fails to select an option, the employee will be deemed to have selected Option (a), twelve (12) month surplus priority period in which to secure a reasonable job offer, at the end of the one hundred and twenty (120) day window. Where hours of work other than those provided in clause 25.06 are in existence when this agreement is signed, the Employer, on request, will consult with the Alliance on such hours of work and, in such consultation, will establish that such hours are required to meet the needs of the public and/or the efficient operation of the service. For the purpose of avoiding the pyramiding of overtime, there shall be no duplication of overtime payments for the same hours worked. 14.11 When operational requirements permit, the Employer will grant leave with pay to a reasonable number of employees who are meeting with management on behalf of the Alliance. Collective agreements for public service. Overtime shall be compensated in cash, except that, upon request of an employee and with the approval of the Employer, overtime may be compensated in equivalent leave with pay. Such notice must be accompanied by a new medical certificate. Should the employee’s salary exceed the maximum of the range for his or her group and level, the employee’s salary shall remain unchanged until such time as the maximum rate of pay for the employee’s group and level is equal to, or greater than, the employee’s salary.