The Kabuki Strength Trap Bar, in all reality, is our favorite trap bar currently available. If you imagine looking in the mirror from the side and jumping, and you go to the depth of your jump, and that’s where you’d feel comfortable, look in the mirror and see where that is, and align the handles to that. Onnit Kettlebells Review: Are They Worth The Premium? 52" is where you have the two outside portions of the hex coming together and equivalent to my standard barbel. In an effort to make The Trap Bar as versatile of an implement as possible, we opted to open up one end of the bar while still ensuring it retains a fully-balanced design. There are a few reasons we’ve chosen the TB-1 as our top pick. - Handle Spread: 25"  The price is much better than the Buffalo and Duffalo. By now, machined sleeves should be the standard on every bar claiming to be “one of the best.” With machined Olympic sleeves, there's no need to buy spare axle collars or for the weight to constantly be jarring against the sleeve due to too much space between the sleeve and plate hub. Currently, there is a 1” and 1.5” handle that is included with every trap bar purchase, and an optional 2” handle called the “Love Handle” that can be set to be fixed or rolling. Specialty bars, and therefore trap bars, are used less than Olympic barbells in a majority of home gyms. So, after some discussion among those on the Garage Gym Reviews team, we were able to narrow down our specifications for what makes a good trap bar to the following list that is ordered in no particular order: Overall Construction: This is an important spec to be aware of for any piece of equipment and covers a lot of bases. The Chrome looks best in the short-term, but can end up chipping over time. We think many could get away with a lower priced trap bar and would love a trap bar that costs more (see our upgrade picks) but for something that performs well and doesn’t break the bank, this is currently the best option. We’d love to tell everyone to spend $500+ on a trap bar, but it’s out of the price range for most of our readers who are trying to spend money elsewhere, so that’s why we’ve chosen it as our Upgrade Pick. Sorinex is know for making quality fitness equipment. We dropped them from hip height, shoulder height, and from overhead. Price: USD 349.00. The titan one looked pretty good on garage gym reviews. We’ve used and abused the TB-2 for years now and still recommend it to many. Here was Jochem (Eleiko’s Head of Marketing) reply to me, “We try to be the best in the existing categories and deliver outstanding lifetime value through smart engineering.” The Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar is a perfect example of this mission. - Solid 48mm weight posts for maximum capacity and long term durability. Camber bar is also something I am going to try. All in all, the Titan Hex Trap Bar is one of the best value trap bars available. On each end of the Kabuki Trap Bar are angled “legs” that feature grooves for tread that allows the bar to be easily stood up. Prime Fitness Trap Bar: Not available for sale yet. Titan is also an importer of equipment, meaning the bar is not made in the USA, but most likely China. Specifically, the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar utilizes a bit of a unique frame geometry by employing square tubing that’s been bent at the corners to make a somewhat seAmless frame. This is a very useful feature, more than a gimmick, and is considered in our selections. The Öppen Deadlift Bar solves many issues common to trap bars on the market today which are often difficult to load, cumbersome to use and challenging to store. The Trap Bar is fabricated, manufactured, and assembled in-house at Kabuki Strength Lab, our dual-purpose training space and manufacturing facility in the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon. We’ve tried to take the most obvious characteristics of what to look for in the bar and use these to guide our recommendations: Similar to a barbell, the steel of the trap bar is the most important characteristic. Not quite as stiff as a Texas squat bar but definitely stiffer than any power bar. For an extreme example of instability, imagine deadlifting on a trap bar with the high-handles, but upside down resulting in the fulcrum, or center of rotation, point being 6" below the center of mass. The sleeves of the TB-1 are powder coated which is less than ideal, however, they have been updated with Schedule 80 Pipe (we’d prefer they be machined like some of our upgrade picks.) In a poll on our Garage Gym FaceBook Group, we asked, "What trap bar would you recommend for most people?" The axle is far and away the most comfortable bar for Good Mornings (Although the cambered bar is nice for these too), it also is significantly nicer for Zerchers of any kind. Most trap bars come with two different handle heights. Is it one of the best we’ve ever used? Lastly, we asked others what they thought, specifically, “if you had to recommend a trap bar to most garage gym owners, which one would you recommend?”. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Looking around $330 or less including shipping. I don’t think I am going to straight bar squat except for the 2 months or so before a meet. This is a similar design as our other Upgrade Pick, the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar, although Eleiko released their shortly before Kabuki. See our full review of the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar here. Unlike most trap/hex bars on the market, The Trap Bar features machined sleeves with 16.5" of loadable space. For competitive Powerlifters, the SBD 13MM Lever Belt is the best lever belt for powerlifting that is easy to use, extremely stiff, and made of high-end materials. If you want our top pick with higher handles, this is a great option. If you want a lot of features in a trap bar at a low price, this is your best bet and our Budget Pick. - Frame measure 49" across so you can easily rack the bar on your power rack safety system. I find you need a higher bar placement usually to make it really comfortable. It rests on rubber feet which protect the platform and provide ample clearance for unencumbered loading and unloading. The Mega Hex Bar is made from solid steel that is then bent, welded and bright zinc plated. If you want a trap bar and just want the cheapest one we recommend, this one's it. - Weight: 44 lb Length: 2150 mm/84.65 in. The bar is listed as rackable, but reviews do not seem to agree. If you’re new to training or training someone else who is new to training, the trap bar is extremely beneficial. The 16.5” loadable area of the sleeve allows for you to add as much iron as you’d like or even to get heavy with bumper plates. That was one of the reason that I purchased the bar. It works well for the frame of the bar, but is less than idea on the sleeves. Nearly every company making gym equipment offers some sort of trap bar, and many offer multiple versions. Read More, After researching over 150 barbells and using nearly 85 of them, we've determined that the Rogue Bar 2.0 is the best multi-purpose Olympic Barbell and the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is the best powerlifting bar for most people for 2020. Click here to see our full, in-depth review on the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar. Our simple solution on The Trap Bar was to introduce a minor 1/2" vertical offset for the low handles, placing them slightly higher than the centerline of the bar. You push yourself beyond what the average human body deems possible in order to achieve greatness, because nothing less is acceptable. It’s also one of the most enjoyable to use and has us questioning where the line is between strength equipment and fine art.