Nice guys. Furiously independent, they came from…, El último Ke Zierre was formed at the end of 1987 in Burriana, Spain. Oi! List of good Oi! They started with a punk rock style and evolved into a more rock style during the 80s…, Envidia Kotxina is a punk rock band formed in Madrid, Spain in 1994,, The germ of Reincidentes was in its first punk band "Incidente Local", which had a brief stint in the scene of his city (Sevilla) between 1985 and…, Punk Rock band from Vitoria, Basque Country.
Barcelona. Nudozurdo are an indie sensation in Spain right now after spending the past five years building a solid reputation with a string of well-received albums. Fray, lead singer and lyricist of the band, great admirer of Wendy O. Williams of Plasmatics; "The Queen of Shock Rock", with the support of the utensils created by Miguel and Manolo, both locksmiths, created some shows on the stage, imaginative, forceful and innovative, becoming one of their hallmarks. Their early stuff (as this 7") could be compared with the second wave of British Punk (UK Subs, Angelic Upstarts, Adicts), with some Oi! The Spanish Dead Kennedys. Barcelona. Place them along with the second wave of British Oi! Julie Thompson Among the first bands I know were apart from Desorden Público and Los Refrescos bands like Korroskada, Kortatu, Skatala(at that time Skatala was more a Oi! A great, although obscure 7" EP (or it is a single?). Another important name in the Spanish indie scene is the eccentric, hyper-creative Ramón Rodriguez, who has been producing music under stage name The New Raemon since 2007. They returned in 2014 with the "¡A por ellos!" "Autosuficiencia", "Un día en Texas" (which borders on HC Punk) or "Quiero ser Santa" are outstanding Punk Rock classics, for sure. Listen to that LP, and watch some Decibelios videos, below. Whether you want to brush up on your Spanish skills or just expand your Spotify horizons, here are some suggestions to get you acquainted with some of Spain’s best contemporary artists. They begin to take a turn influenced by the demanding Jamaican rhythms, whose particular identity between street, nostalgic and mysterious, is very close to the character of the group. (Business, The 4 Skins, Infa Riot, The Last Resort). leanings (in the music, not the attitude) and Sex Pistol nihilism. This enigmatic twosome from Cordoba combine electronic beats, flamenco style and a splash of soul to create something truly unique, placing them firmly at the cutting edge of Spanish indie music. The epitome of Spanish Oi! The epitome of Spanish Oi! Close Shave (UK) – Oi!/R.A.C band from Birmingham, England. Oi! All female act from Bilbao. They make a good pairing with Decibelios. and Streetpunk bands from all around the world both household names as new and upcoming bands. Klik hier voor meer informatie over cookies.

in 2002 specialised in oi!, streetpunk, punk, punkrock, hardcore and ... for releasing high quality Oi!

Decibelios also play Dallas and LA.
They have very…, Segismundo Toxicómano are a punk-rock band from Vitoria, Basque Country, playing since 1997, Let us know what you think of the website. The Fucking Champs. and skinhead bands such as Suburban Rebels, Decibelios and Frontpilsen. Onze website maakt gebruik van coocies.

Fusing R&B, chill-wave and soul, John Grvy – the alias of Madrid-born J.E.