Meanwhile, as Kagari heads towards a party held by Mayuri, she hears a song that causes more memories to resurface, at which point she starts hearing a voice and disappears somewhere. Kurisu: She explains that in order to save Mayuri, they need to escape the "Alpha World Line Attractor Field", where Mayuri is doomed to die, due to the converging nature of world lines, and cross the 1% Divergence point to the Beta World Line, where the outcome might possibly be different. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Steins;Gate Movie: Load Region of Deja Vu, Steins;Gate: Soumei Eichi no Cognitive Computing, Steins;Gate: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link - Divide By Zero, Steins;Gate 0: Valentine's of Crystal Polymorphism -Bittersweet Intermedio-, Magi-Cu 4-koma: Steins;Gate - Sekaisen Hendouritsu x. An animated film sequel, Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu, was released on April 20, 2013. There are no custom lists yet for this series. Characters: i really couldn’t care about her in fact i would appreciate it if she would suffer a little more. Just as Rintaro urges them to go, he is attacked by another soldier, revealed to be Reyes, who is then shot by Leskinen. after the first time they go shopping together! As a sequel to Steins;Gate and its 2011 anime adaptation, the series takes place in an alternate future to the original series' ending. Maho is an interesting character when first introduced, but the show quickly becomes repetitious as every scene with her and Okabe in it, or with her and Amadeus, seems to have much the same content and much the same presentation. As Suzuha heads for the time machine, she receives a D-mail from Daru in 2025, telling her that her actions have changed the worldline, and gives her the details of "Operation Arclight". Six months have passed since Rintaro Okabe, unable to change the past, chose to stay in a world line where Kurisu Makise is dead, discarding his identity as a self-proclaimed mad scientist. the story is full of cheezy moments which doesn’t make slightest of sense However, this plan does not seem to go well as Yuki ends up running off. The series aired in Japan between April 12 and September 27, 2018, with a bonus episode released on December 21, 2018. As Daru feels downhearted, Suzuha revealed she had lied about there being someone else so she could remind herself of the peace she experienced before Yuki was killed in the future. Like Faris, Luka eventually recalls the previous World Line where she was a male, distressing her as a return to it would prevent her from pursuing her feelings for Rintaro. As Rintaro decides to help with the search, he gets a call from Luka Urashibara about a pressing matter before finding Daru has called Moeka Kiryu over. After he leaps back in time, Kurisu has Rintaro reveal to her that she dies in the Beta world line. Steins;Gate Episode 7 English Subbed at gogoanime. As months pass with no sign of Kagari, Daru and Suzuha try to ask for Maho's help in building a time leap machine. Rintaro briefly has a vision of a world line where he is caught up in the middle of a war, which he eventually comes to realise was his Reading Steiner taking effect. TV-14 | HD (1080p) | 2011 Changing the past only makes the future worse. As Rintaro is left distraught by the event, he receives a text from Mayuri explaining her reasons from wanting to go back in time. Disappointed. As Mayuri Shiina prepares for a Christmas party for everyone at the lab, Rintaro shows Amadeus Kurisu – who he keeps a secret from his friends – around Akihabara and the lab. Steins;Gate Episode 14 Physically Necrosis. 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So believe me when I say that I'm not angry with how S;G0 turned out. Despite the change in divergence, Mayuri's death still takes place, albeit a day later than in the previous World Line. Watch Steins;Gate 0 Online. During the seminar, Leskinen and Maho present Amadeus, an artificial intelligence program based on Kurisu's research before her death.