This is made possible by its steel frame and fork, which offer a smooth ride on all terrains. Any particularly good or bad components? [3] Listed chainring clearance is worst case scenario. I think you might be right actually Chris thanks, it doesn't clearly show the product, just on the models but i think they might just be arm... Hatch never pronounces German, Polish, Russia or Irish names with his over the top accents. Fat bikes, known for their wide (fat) tires and beach cruising ability, are a specialty bike all of their own. The combined wheel and tyre diameter is 28.5in, an inch more than on a typical cyclocross bike and that helps in terms of creating an easier roll over the bumps, but there’s still plenty room for mudguards. We wanted to pick at least one other Surly bike for comparison. You might still need that fast road bike, though. ョンがかけられる構造になっています。またKRAMPUSで実証済みのKNARDタイヤの700x41cサイズをこのモデルの為に製作し標準装備しました。CROSS-CHECKのようにオールラウンドに活用, Forward–exiting horizontal dropouts with adjusters give you singlespeed, SURLYの記念すべきファーストモデルがこの1X1。, Suspension corrected for 100mm travel suspension fork. This manufacturer came out with the fat tire to begin with, and their bikes tend to have a lot in common. Customizable. It’s a ‘rough road’ road bike, a cyclocross bike with no pretense about racing, a utilitarian townie, a light-duty touring bike and an all-weather commuter. Amazingly stable with and without luggage. However, the steel does increase the weight of the bike, impacting its overall speed. And that adaptability means it’s built to take a beating on all types of terrain, whether it’s laden with bags or stripped down to the metal and rubber. The fatter tire design and heavy Chromoly frame mean that this bike is just a little bit too heavy for most races. People have asked us to make a disc version of our highly versatile Cross-Check for a long time now and almost everything about the two are very similar. Which components had the most effect (good or bad) on the bike's stiffness? ©1-Jyo Cycle Center / 1-Jyo Ultimate Factory All rights reserved. Schwinn Huron & Mikko Cruiser Bike Review, On its website, Surly states that you can ride the Straggler anywhere you want. Overall, this is another all-round bike which is designed to do a little bit of everything. How was the bike in terms of height and reach? My name is Digital. It's especially suitable for occasional off road jaunts and can happily take skinnier tyres if you're going to commute or do fast club runs on it. Actual max. If you like, but you don’t like ads, please consider subscribing to the site to support us directly. Save your dated receipt for proof of purchase. So, if you're going to invest in one bike that you can use for multiple purposes, seriously consider buying the. With a fast rolling set of touring tyres, it’ll be competing for desirability honours with lots of traditional touring bikes.  Our reviews are formed through our comprehensive research process, which involves getting information direct from manufactures, reading user reviews and other similar sources. The Surly Straggler’s versatility makes this bike very appealing. Surly 4130 Cro-mo Steel Double-Butted リアエンド:142x12mmハブが対応 フロントフォーク:100x/12mm ヘッドSET:44/44mm 99,800-税別 フラットマウントのディスクブレーキ、フロントとリアの12 スルーアクスル、44 ヘッドチューブ