And around the door doesn't look too bad. I have to say before I did this I did check that the seals fit! So if you are looking for your caravan's MTPLM, MIRO, which electric socket it has, the maximum laden weight or the length and width then we have information for over 113 Swift caravans alone dating back over 20 years. It also doesn't extend far enough above the window to meet the down cupboard and just looks untidy. Now I will spend the night thinking about how we're going to tackle that aluminium in the fireplace cupboard... Well it's now the morning after and the sun has got his hat on again, so have to make the most of it and get our there and carry on removing and cleaning the awning rails down. With an awning more people can be accommodated outside. We also stapled to the struts. I could see to the right of the vent and that there were new timbers there, from a previous damp repair, probably when the ceiling joists were replaced (you can see one next to the foam insulation above), they had obviously seen this part but just covered it up! As I went off to purchase some more plywood Lee cut the back section and and the ceiling section. It is well worth getting caravan insurance to cover any damage caused when its not attached to the car, theft and other damage to the caravan. Many will have prefered types that qualify for a discount. We also cut and replaced the upper wood struts. (This was another top tip from the Wizards site, if you don't clean down with methylated spirit the mastic won't stick). Information is shown in both metric and imperial and you will also find some other useful information on the caravan pages. You will need to make sure that your towing vehicle is also fitted with the 12n / 12s system or alternativley you can purchase an adapter. Now that the front ply was set and in place it was down to me to refit the window seals. Lee decided to make a ply template for the ply this time as there were so many cuts and angles a paper template just wouldn't do. There are a wide range of awnings and accessories available for Swift caravans like the Swift Challenger 470 SE 1999. Its important to get good locks for your caravan. Now awaiting the safe arrival of my Hobby Multi tool to be able to cut the timbers above the door and be able to make a good join. If you mainly, use sites with electrical supplies and dont use a motor mover then a smaller battery e.g. Hey presto... We positioned the ply in place to check that it fit and the window holes lined up properly before adding any glue. At this point my brother and I decided that the caravan needed a good clean, we were mislaying our tools amongst the mess. Most of the screws I removed looked ok, there were just a couple that were really rusted and they came from the middle section near the air vent where the flakes of rot and fluttered to floor inside. Once all of the down struts had set in place after being well and truly clamped down, I measured and cut the across struts and glued and stapled them in place. There is a baton at the bottom holding the bottom of the panel in place until the adhesive sets, this panel will be lined with vinyl paper and painted. When it's under the cover it looks a lot bigger, looks tiny now! This caravan is a 2 berth version sleeping a maximum of 2 persons inside the caravan. Gas/electric water heater. It wasn't easy but he did it just by using the tape measure....great job! So another day done - what is left? I only had enough clamps to do half the job one evening and then carry on the following morning to do the second half. A previous panel replacement had been bothering me from day one and needed to come off! Awnings are a popular choice, its important that you buy an awning that's the right size for your caravan. The plastic corner brackets weren't put in place until all of the glue had set firm. It's now been replaced with a nice green caravan cover that I managed to buy off a lovely couple for a decent price. Information is shown in both metric and imperial and you will also find some other useful information on the caravan pages. Like the way the tools are artistically placed? We used clamps to hold it down in places as the front is curved we wanted to make sure we made good contact. This is a record of my labour of love or insanity - haven't quite decided! Nothing for it, marked out with pencil and cut carefully with stanley knife and it just peels away! This was done over the course of an evening and a morning.