Thanks for the tip. For every eight rounds chambered, three or four would fire on the first time around, and one or two of the remaining cartridges would fire on a second strike. A good trigger / hammer polishing and a set of Wolf custom springs could be in order to give this little revolver a more attractive feel to new shooters. Anyway, that said, I am still very open-minded about Taurus guns and look forward to testing some more of them. Both are 4.6″ in height, with the Taurus being just a tad longer at 6.6″ versus a clean six inches. Sincerely. Yet this cheap gun never malfunctions. Grouping proved to be very easy to hold tight and comfortably maintain for extended periods of time. It doesn’t change anything I said; I do wish more manufacturers would play with stuff like this rather than doing what they’ve always done. Shame that the Taurus did not do better for you, Justin. This is my big beef: I’d have a very hard time calling this gun reliable. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. Pick up 50 rd. I’m not a 22LR person either which is why my 22 ammo is so old. I’d need a little bit more reliability and accuracy before I ventured anywhere with this as my only revolver. Very informative write up. It would be interesting to see if Taurus Customer Service could identify and fix the problem. the reason that i am asking for opinions on this specific revolver is because one of my favorite gun shops has one for sale for a reasonable price and im thinking about buying it Fortunately, in all the rounds I’ve put through it (not many) every malfunction has occurred on the last round in the magazine. Lastly comes MSRP, which is fairly low. Honestly, Taurus has nailed this feature. The Taurus 942 comes with an MSRP of $392 (matte black) to $410 (matte stainless). I found from a distance of about 10 yards on a well-lit 3″ steel target I could put all 8 shots on the plate pretty consistently using a hold-over sight picture. The external qualities of Taurus have come a LONG way over the last 25 years – probably owing to the one time incestuous relationship with Smith & Wesson (Bangor Punta). With an average price point of U.S. $450, quality certainly meets affordably. That said, even for defense, I think a pretty good case can be made for 8 22 WMR rounds compared to 5 38 rds out of a 3″ snub. Though the Ruger Wrangler has found a place in my collection, I remain sort of generally unimpressed with the .22 Long Rifle. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I am curious about how other wheelguns they make compare. Accuracy with the 942 wasn’t terrible. This handgun has a 4" barrel with a 9-shot cylinder and will make an excellent pistol for small game hunting, plinking, and sport shooting at the range. But first, what are the base features and specs? The S&W model 63 was once a favorite of the outdoorsman until production of stainless steel models ceased in favor of newer, lighter materials and larger frames. Now for the disclaimer…. bruce. The Thunder jams a lot, or fails to go into battery, often after the first round, even with various magazines. Not once was there mention of recoil which plagues most shooters subconscious when firing. A few had previous experience with revolvers and were holding great groups at 7 and 10 yards. Still, that’s an excellent tip to think about when we’re having a problem like that. It features a very nice, knurled portion. 22LR or 22 WMR are much better rounds to put small game on the fire than 38 or 380, or to dispatch a rattler, and you can carry a lot more 22 ammo lightly in your pack or tackle box than the larger centerfire rounds. Rick commented that he always loved the “Old West” single action look of a Colt Peacemaker, but hated the fixed cylinder and slow loading / unloaded of them. That said, most short action rimfire revolves are going to be problematic. I guess for revolvers, CCI and Aguila seem to be the best brands for rimfire. It doesn’t please me at all to write an unflattering review. So how does the no-frills Ruger AR-556 perform when put to the test? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the company, Taurus USA was officially founded in 1984. With the absence of the model 63 in production, the 941 found a niche in the firearms market with a strong established following. All that said, defensive carry is not the only use for a revolver like this. Additionally, the Taurus 942 has a few features that best some other, much more expensive revolvers. This club offers ladies of all skill levels and ages over 18 to come to the range for classroom instruction followed by an evening of shooting on the indoor range owned and operated by Second Amendment Guns and Range located in Yulee, FL. After a brief cleaning rod and Hoppe’s #9 down the barrel, the little revolver looked as good as new. I have a Colt Official Police in .22 that will misfire if too much oil accumulates in the area referred too. With ammo prices continuing to rise and ammo supplies getting low the economic benefits of a 22LR gun cannot be ignored. Customer service was no help. You can TRY to lighten it but then you get light primer strikes. If I had $300 bucks and these were my options I’d have to go with the Bersa. That makes it a one-shot gun. The value is just not there for me on this one. I’ll have to try shooting wood bees! It doesn’t take much to act as a shock absorber and cause misfires. Also, the version of the Bersa that I have on hand (I am housing it for a friend who moved to England) has a very thin safety/decock lever, making removal of the safety somewhat difficult.