Uncontrolled regens can happen with even a relatively light soot load. The engine also feels much more responsive and faster to rev. When they need more money they will find a way to come after you, either the state and/or the federal government. The short coolant pipe from the temp sensor housing to the coolant pipe is removed. The car will attempt to do a Regen and you will get a bunch of extra fuel dumped into the exhaust expecting to be burnt in the DPF and its not there and bad things can happen. of Torque! Everything sounds tougher, meaner, and the car runs smoother. I opted for the cheapest eco kit (the straight pipe) which connected to my stock muffler and I’m glad I did. I would highly recommend this tune for any ALH TDI owner as the performance increase for the price is perfect and makes what I think is a perfect daily driver even better. The DSG tune is amazing, all the way to the red line now. One thing that I did not know about before I bought a diesel car was the annoying DPF regens. Stuff would still be available outside the US. VW Passat Family (NMS and B7) TDIs (2012+). I've seen it happen... you just need some amount of soot, heat, and oxygen and it can get ugly fast. Hella smoke and maybe fire out the tail pipe. We're sorry but Malone Tuning doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. In my opinion, this is a huge improvement. Enter WEB20 at checkout for 20% off all online orders! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Noise is the same as factory. But I'm torn between the security of the Dieselgate warranty and the allure of the better power/mileage/longevity of the tune. As far as misc parts I think all you need is tools, gasket maker, and anti seize, everything else is supplied in their kit.... Hopefully. Instantly change the performance of your engine and adapt your vehicle to suit any situation. This is the most powerful tune you can get if everything else in your vehicle is stock. Why not find out what it takes/costs to fix it properly first. To me the delete looks more appealing either way. I live in an area of Canada where there is no vehicle emissions testing. or did you mean mileage as in mpg? How much did the whole thing end up costing ya? Joined May 1, 1999 Location Canada TDI TDI Nov 20, 2014 #2 I can't see much of … Runs very well with the new tune. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.facebook.com/darksidedevelopments/posts/fake-dpf-downpipes-now-availablefor-those-concerned-about-their-mot-when-removin/962408097110091/. After clearning my intake and EGR valve, and installing the software (which was very simple and quick) I am extremely satisfied with the results. Not sure what the EPA would do to block that market. 5 Delete … Never underestimate the power of the government to control you. I looked them up, found a dealer within a two hour drive and setup an appointment, and then....nothing. The RawTek website had me sold on the benefits Up to 210 horsepower (+70 hp) Up to 386 ft-lbs torque (+150 ft-lbs) Up to 20% better fuel economy (+10 mpg) Longer turbo life (no more DPF) Clean Air Intake Manifold (no more EGR) Longer engine oil life (no more EGR) Fix inter cooler icing problem (no more EGR). Not safe to use with upgraded fueling hardware. Hella smoke and maybe fire out the tail pipe. http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=456471. TDIMeister Phd of TDIClub Enthusiast, Moderator at Large. I'm considering similar, but it's a couple hundred miles of driving tuned without a physical delete. Removal of the DPF filter and all the sensors took far more time. A tuning box connects to the engine of a vehicle to improve performance and fuel economy. Posted by Mike B. in Belmont, MI on 8th Jul 2016. The long coolant pipe from the heater core which normally would go to the EGR cooler pipe is routed to the … The most noticeable difference for me is passing on the highway. With over 15 years of experience in the tuning industry. I will definitely be returning to Malone for retunes on my car and any future Volkswagens I own. While power in all 5 gears was greatly increased, for some reason it feels like 3rd gear benefited the most from the tune as it pulls exponentially better in that gear around town. 2005 Passat GLS Wagon TDI 5 spd manual w/BSM delete 2012 Tiguan TDI/DSG 2004 Audi TT R-line Conv 2011 BMW X5 35d Oct 22, 2013 #4 I have the coolant pipe removed and block off plates in their place. My car went in to limp mode a week after I did the EGR Delete. I was surprised by the noticeable power gain as well as picking up around 3 mpg. If you make it another 100,000 miles down the road and the DPF clogs on you, that's when I would look into other options such as deletes. I was kind of hoping the dieselgate thing would keep them scrambling to keep customers, I'll probably just wait it out for a little while at this point and see if VW starts to take care of the problems. Very satisfied with purchase for my 2014 Touareg R-Line TDi. I wouldn't be halfway surprised if a Malone tuned car ran cleaner than an OEM one. Every month we have some stunning vehicles come to us. Most fun I have ever had for only about $250 for the tune and about $50 for the Flashzilla rental. The car will attempt to do a Regen and you will get a bunch of extra fuel dumped into the exhaust expecting to be burnt in the DPF and its not there and bad things can happen. An innovator in custom tuning systems for a vast variety of vehicles. Great customer service from these guys. I think the DPF got killed when the plug I used on the down pipe came out. My assumption would be most of the DPF delete tunes also turn off both the high and low pressure EGR's as well. But not the other way around. I always used to take it out on the highway at least once a week to clean everything out. Runs very well with the new tune. Also wondering what if any intake you have? Looking at doing this to mine. The problem is I live 2 hours away from the closest dealership, so its a huge waste for me to bring the car in and pay for their diagnostics, only to find out it will be $1200 (it seems that's what most others are paying for it at the dealership) to fix it. These maps are then sent to the engine from a tuning box rather than writing them directly onto the engine ECU. Also my car has 73k miles so is out of warranty. That is correct, I did not. Rather than spending money on a problem that's more than likely going to come up again, I'm thinking I may just rip out all of the emissions and do a stage 2 tune. P. peterwinkle Well-known member. Emissions is going to play a bigger part of our lives in the future. Very fun around town. I do remember one tank lasting me 850kms (528 miles) of city driving so next time I fill up I will reset the trip meter to compare. You can always delete it when ever you want later. i have a 2012 TDI jetta and am looking at doing this, however i think the route ill take is getting an old used DPF, and hollowing it out, and using EGR blocking plates. Will be back when it's time for nozzles and a 1.5! TDI-Tuning write custom maps for every vehicle variant. No CEL, mileage is slightly better. I drove maybe 500 miles with a tune before I could get time to install exhaust. Be forwarned, the power upgrade quest begins with this tune; be prepared to want more by installing a larger turbo, injectors, intercooler, etc. Before the tune, the car had some grunt at lower speeds, but fell on it's face once up to highway speeds. I have no emissions testing in my area, so am not worried about not passing. You may want to read that if you haven't. Hey! Get up to 40% power and 20% MPG. I wouldn't make the jump to deleting everything over a bad AdBlue temperature sensor. I tried to get some info out of my dealership this morning and they wouldn't tell me anything unless I bring the car in. My main concern however is emission testing when moving to other provinces. If anything they'll shut down Malone and other aftermarket suppliers in the US. My car's been flawless so far save for a glow plug replaced under warranty. Then install it yourself or take it to a local garage and have it done. Which province are you in? TDI 2015 Beetle tdi dsg Feb 7, 2016 #3 Why not find out what it takes/costs to fix it properly first. You can tell on start up the engine is breathing easier. TDI-Tuning write custom maps for every vehicle variant. The car was good to drive before, but now it’s a different beast. anyone know if there is a list anywhere of provinces that do the actual probe test? I read the thread. Removal of the DPF filter and all the sensors took far more time. 2.5" DPF delete and Cat Delete Downpipe for 2.0TDI Benefits: -Increases fuel mileage by 10-15 mpg when used with a Malone tune-Rated for up to 280 WHP-Lower EGTs-Deletes #3 and #4 EGT and #2 O2 Sensors for increased Reliability Features:- Manufactured from T304 grade polished stainless steel.- Mandrel bent and TIG welded for strength and durability.- CNC machined flange- Built in flexi to reduce strain on your exhaust.- Direct bolt on fitment.- Includes block off plate for the EGR cooler-Includes Stainless Steel Clamp Fitment:Will fit the following North American spec vehicles with DPF (diesel particulate filter):2009-2014 VW Jetta 2.0 CR2009-2014 VW Golf 2.0 CR2012-2014 VW New Beetle 2.0 CR Disclaimer:For Off-Road Use Only, © 2023 by PURE. CR170 Stage 3 Built by AARodriguez and tuned by JR Auto Performance, BMW 335D / X5D Fluidampr Harmonic Balancer, Project Race Wagon: 2015 Golf Sportwagen Street/Track Build, BMW Diesel Common CEL Codes - Troubleshooting Help Resource, 4687: Throttle Valve Actuator code troubleshooting - BMW M57 Diesel, 4990: Exhaust backpressure sensor before turbocharger, plausibility, Low Rail Pressure! Might be worth a google...? I read a lot online of people complaining about DPF failures, I even called a few VW dealers and spoke to their service department to ask what the most common emission related warranty claims were for.