He is unaware that Howard has seen what he's doing and is angrier than ever. Rex (born in the 1970s) was the tertiary antagonist of Ted. Games Movies TV Video. Ted crawls up a stadium, but he's stopped by Donny who offers him love, rocking horses, and dancing, but of course, Ted refuses, telling Donny they're far apart from it. 965 Pages. In the end, Patrick Stewart (narrating the whole Ted story) reveals that Donny was arrested for kidnapping a plush toy, but the charges were dropped when he and the police realized how completely stupid that sounded. Inferno Pendragon/A New Rule - Unfinished Stories, Queen Misery/I have returned to Villains Wiki, https://villainsrpg.fandom.com/wiki/Ted?oldid=47066, Do Not Engage In Excessive Sexual Activities. At the end of the film, the narrator revealed that Rex gave up his pursuit of Lori and died of Lou Gehrig's disease (which John had previously wished on him) after becoming severely depressed. He is portrayed by Michael Paré. Noticing that he goes out to "jog" at night with handcuffs Thor becomes frenzied until Janet lets him out of the house. Bienvenue sur le wiki. Noticing this, Donny quickly apologizes to his son for this. Deathwalker 13000/Lay off the poor beavers!!! During their expedition in Nepal photo-journalists, Ted and his girlfriend, Marjorie, are having sex when a werewolf attacks their camp. He is also Ted's biggest fan and arch-nemesis. Occupation Brett arrives but werewolf Ted strangles him, but Janet aims the pistol at him and screams "get the fuck off my son!" Manipulation Werewolf Ted attacks Thor but the dog fights back which wake up Janet and Ted is scared away when she turns on the bright deck lights. His neglectful upbringing most likely contributed to his current mental state. Just as Donny is about to cut Ted open with a kitchen knife, John and Samantha arrive at Comic-Con and save Ted. Robert is the hidden secondary antagonist of Ted. Popular pages. Register Start a Wiki. Most visited articles. Goals Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rex was a full-blown narcissist. Buckingham Palace Marching Band Playing the Imperial March. Shrek Wiki. The next day there is an investigation going on in the woods near Ted's trailer where the mangled bodies of several missing hikers and a Forest Ranger were found, Ted under fear of being found guilty, calls Janet and tells her he's changed his mind. Thor had a bit of an advantage, but werewolf Ted managed to slash Thor and throw him against the ceiling, smashing the light bulb in the process and turning out the light. Meanwhile, Janet arrives in the house, grabs a pistol and loads it up with bullets and flees into Brett's room and closes the door, but werewolf Ted breaks in and is about to kill his sister, when Thor finally arrives and a brutal fight erupts between the two. Kidnap Ted for his son (first film; succeeded, but Ted was later rescued).Kidnap Ted for the Hasbro CEO in order to create more teddy bears like him (sequel; failed). His privileged status and good looks made sure that he was popular with his peers, despite his poor personality. Robert is the hidden secondary antagonist of Ted. Occupation Alias Wounded, but still alive, werewolf Ted growls at them, but Thor who is seemingly not dead, recovers all his strength and hurls himself at werewolf Ted and they both fall out of the window. Ted pretends that he isn't alone and that Christ is with him. Howard tries to explain to Liz what happened, but Liz refuses to listen and decides to go to the winter entertainment parade without him asking Ted to drive her and Jamie there. Category:Villains - WikiShrek - The wiki all about Shrek. Dancing to Tiffany's songs (especially "I Think We're Alone Now").Drinking alcohol.Obsessing over Ted (first film only). He disguises himself as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and asks Ted for a picture, but when he reveals himself, Ted runs away. Rex (born in the 1970s) was the tertiary antagonist of Ted. He is named after Dr. Seuss's real name, Theodor Seuss Geisel. At times, he'll simply say not to swear, though ironically, in the sequel, he curses when he is arrested; most likely because he is angered that he is caught. Put that cookie down, NOW!! Voici la version française du " Villains Wiki ". Jeffree Star- Get Away With Murder Lyrics-1. Immediately, Donny runs away from a passing police car before Ted is brought back to life by Lori, wishing her life back. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With Ted now contributing to humanity and authorized as a person, Donny is arrested and is facing charges for kidnapping and attempted murder. He can't accept when things don't go his way and he was apparently stuck in a child-like emotional state. Howard, meanwhile who left to leave for the martial arts contest at the last minute, was pulled over by the police for speeding on the highway, and is forced to recite the whole alphabet backwards. He was portrayed by Giovanni Ribisi, who also played Parker Selfridge in Avatar and Tim Briggs in Contraband. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Later on, after Ted storms off to get away from John and Samantha, Donny stalks him and follows him into the New York City Comic-Con. Villains RPG Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He likes Tiffany's song, "I Think We're Alone Now" which leads to his defeat since Ted uses Donny's fondness of the song to make him dance to the song and expose him. After dropping off Johnny and Jamie at the parade, Ted drives with Liz to park the car and reveals his true feelings for her. Robert's disturbed personality shows through a little, hinting at things to come. You can help Movie Villains Wiki by expanding it. Alias When Robert, his son, was born, a grown-up Donny vowed to be the best father ever and let his son have anything he wants — including Ted (which may have contributed to Robert's nature). Werewolf Ted then flees into the woods with Thor on his trail. Meanwhile Liz tells Ted that putting the star on the tree has always been Howard's job and he's adamant about it. That night, John tells the inanimate Teddy he wishes he could really talk so they can be best friends "forever and ever" before going to sleep. He had a low opinion of John, condescending and bullying him whenever he could. He parks his trailer in her yard in the hopes that being near his family he'll be able to control himself. After having failed to capture Ted in the first film, Donny is now working as a janitor at the Hasbro Toy Company. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Ted_(Bad_Moon)?oldid=3957968. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hobby - Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mais attention, n... Les photos et les vidéos sont un bon moyen d’ajouter des éléments visuels sur votre wiki. Janet sees Thor's injuries and fearful of Ted's advice calls The Sheriff and goes into Ted's trailer to notify him thinking he's there. It's unknown what happened to Donny's wife, but given his stalking attitude, it's possible that she may have left or divorced him. Sooner or later, Ted leaves with Tami-Lynn. He was Lori's former boss and manager and John's arch-rival. He was portrayed by the late Phil Hartman, who also played Lyle Lanley in one episode of The Simpsons, Tom Morgan in The Pagemaster, and Major Colin Thorne in Sgt. Films. Sexual harassment Register Start a Wiki . He attempts to seduce her saying that she deserves better. Thor afraid of Ted hurting his family begins to bark until Brett lets him out of the house. ted Wiki. For this reason, a hurt John told Rex that he hopes he dies of Lou Gehrig's disease. He was then seen in the ending moments of the movie, still covered a little in eggnog, Johnny told him that Howard was dressed as Turbo Man. Media. Donny had remembered Ted from an interview he had years ago, where the host kept on saying prejudiced jokes because he thought Ted was ALF. FANDOM. Most visited articles. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Donny_(Ted)?oldid=4014240, Giovanni Ribisi and Seth MacFarlane would go on to appear in. However, when he asked his father (who was making out with a woman on the couch) if he could have him, he refused since he had already given him a present: a rake. Villains (or antagonists) from the Ted franchise. It's unknown what happened to Donny's wife, but given his stalking attitude, it's possible that she may have left or divorced him. 1 History 1.1 Ted 1.2 Ted 2 2 Quotes 2.1 Ted 2.2 Ted 2 3 Trivia On Christmas Eve in 1985, in a small suburb outside of Boston, 8-year-old and lonely John Bennet received a large teddy bear for Christmas. Goals Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? When Donny tells Ted he belongs to Robert now and that the former must do as the latter says, Ted rudely criticizes his getting away with kidnapping and says the "F" word when sarcastically complimenting this example, but Donny yells loudly at him for swearing, scaring Robert. His plan fails utterly, however, when John winds up being hit by the model instead, which gets him sent to the hospital. Rex was a cocky, overconfident overachiever in high school. Howard phones back home and is surprised to hear Ted on the other end, to make matters worse he is tasting the family cookies and makes comments of how great they are while making unpleasant orgasm-like sounds, to which Howard angrily shouts: "PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN! His mother had presumably left him with his father, who had one-night stands in front of him. Category:Villains | The Thundermans Wiki | Fandom. There, Donny's obsession with Ted comes into full circle. Ted runs into a nearby building and he's pursued by Donny. Perverted Love Rival. Theodore "Ted" Maltin is an antagonist in the 1996 Christmas comedy film Jingle All the Way. He discovers that Ted's imminent court case is on the news, and decides to use this to his advantage by convincing the CEO to hire their best lawyer to ensure that Ted loses his case and retains his status as property. Evil-doer Register Start a Wiki. Alias Ted Movie Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. In addition to this Ted can appear and disappear like a shadow, does not appear to age and is seemingly unable to be physically killed. The burning head goes through the window and then he and Liz see Howard in the house, they immediately enter and find him still holding the Turbo Man doll. Donny sends Ted and Robert upstairs to play whilst he goes downstairs to dance in private. ted Wiki. Brett pretends to go to sleep but packs his backpack and sneaks out of the house to free his dog while Janet confronts Ted in the woods with a hand gun and 8 rounds.