Regular skinks are just kind of too low tier, where its hard to make a self sufficient army with them, and if you need to bring a stack and a half you get upkeep increases. Tehenhauin marshals his fellow Red-Crested Skinks : there will be a sacrifice. It seems impossible for a short-lived Skink to attain such a lifespan, but it is whispered that as a snake sheds its skin and is renewed, so too does Sotek’s Chosen. However, their ranged units are just average. 0 ├ Bonus vs Elephants. 0 └ Bonus vs Infantry. Rites: Lizardmen can perform several rites in campaign to bol… Tehenhauin, a Red Crested Skink, emerged as the charismatic Prophet of Sotek after a devastating plague was spread across Lustria by Clan Pestilens. Units: In battle, Lizardmen have strong melee units, powerful magicusers, and many monsters. As the offerings build, they may be spent on performing the sacrifices accessed by the Prophecy of Sotek missions. wh2_dlc12_lzd_cha_tehenhauin_dagger ├ Melee Damage Base. A summary of Lizardmen (specifically Cult of Sotek) gameplay: 1. They were introduced in the Doomsayers Update for Total War: Warhammer II. Tehenhauin, a Red Crested Skink, emerged as the charismatic Prophet of Sotek after a devastating plague was spread across Lustria by Clan Pestilens. He is a spellcaster, melee fighter, and can ride a powerful Ancient Stegadon with an Engine of the Gods. As of the Potion of Speed update, the Sacrificial Offerings gained from Mark for Sacrifice is no longer set at a constant 50. Cult of Sotek is a playable Lizardmen subfaction led by Tehenhauin. For the primary Lord I always find the blue line most useful because of the recruitment buffs and upkeep making getting powerful 2nd and 3rd armies earlier a bit easier and lightning strike is a get out of jail free card if you overextend on the campaign map. Tehenhauin is a legendary lord for the Lizardmen, who leads the playable Cult of Sotek faction. With the addition of Gor-Rok and Nakai, you have slightly more options for allies, however they also can limit your expansion by taking settlements you want. The highest level of sacrifice grants Tehenauin the ability to evoke Sotek himself, manifesting an aspect of the serpent-god in battle to deal devastating damage to his foes. As Sotek’s cult grew, so too did the Prophet’s following, and for many years Tehenhauin led his apostles to many victories, slaughtering countless captives as s… They bring armor piercing, but you don't fight armor early. 0: Charge Bonus. Fighting other Lizardmen is not advised unless you have to. The Court of Lybaras and Order of Loremasters can also be friends or foes depending on how you want to approach it. 55: Weapon Strength (Weapon Damage) 400 ├ Melee Weapon. Starts at war with Citadel of Dusk and Clan Fester. Your enemies will primarily be the Skaven, followed up by the Dark Elves and Vampire Coast. No ├ Bonus vs Cavalry. It now scales with the battle size. A vast, crimson sacrifice. This means you must rely on Skinks more so than any other Lizardmen campaign. Cult of Sotek's post-battle options are the same as regular Lizardmen factions, except that Kill and Eat is replaced by Mark For Sacrifice which increases Sacrificial Offerings. As he led a migration out of the defiled city of Chaqua where the disease began, he prophesised the coming of the Serpent-God and rallied the surviving population of Lizardmen to join his counterattack. The Rite of Sotek is also 75% cheaper which means you can ambush enemies easier and enemies in your territory will suffer attrition. 250: Melee Attack. Tehenhauin believes that with sufficient sacrifices, the serpent-god may yet return, bringing salvation to the Lizardmen and the extermination of the Skaven. For most of the early game and into the mid game it is better to rely on Skinks than pay out the cash for Saurus. There are also skills that make them stronger. Sacrificial Offerings are a resource unique to Cult of Sotek, similar to slaves. 120 ├ Melee Damage Ap. A serpent strikes quickly and so too does Tehenhauin, focusing his army’s venomous energy on the enemy’s weak points. 3. 2. 280 ├ Armour Piercing. This provides an immense boost to the Cult of Sotek campaign, as many of their sacrifices were limited by how many battles had to be fought in order to gain enough slaves. Tehenauin will be issued with a series of unique missions, the completion of which grants access to new forms of sacrifice. The great serpent-god Sotek may sleep, but Tehenhauin – his most devoted prophet – does not. This campaign is one of the harder ones, as you start in the middle of Lustria surrounded by enemies. Please see the main Lizardmen page for full details on faction mechanics etc. Upkeep Cost. His mounts, particularly the ancient stegadon turn him into a strong fighter all while retaining magic casting abilities. A summary of Lizardmen (specifically Cult of Sotek) gameplay: Cult of Sotek play similarly to other Lizardmen factions. However, many of their units can potentially rampageand go out of control in battle. But red crested skinks are not really good vs early game units. Only when the temple-city altars are drenched with Skaven blood will the serpent god become manifest and enact his divine wrath…. Factions that only appear under certain circumstances. Diplomatically, it is best to secure allies when you can, for example fighting the Dwarfs is not advised. This page was last edited on 24 June 2020, at 17:27. Rampage: Overall, Lizardmen have good leadership. This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 19:41. To augment them, they are given +10% Physical resistance, which can go a surprisingly long way to making them more durable. Template:Wh2 dlc12 lzd cha tehenhauin general, Ancient Stegadon (Engine of the Gods) (mount), Blessed Terradon Riders (Fireleech Bolas), The Umbral Tide (Salamander Hunting Pack), On the battlefield, he triumphantly grasps the Plaque of Sotek as he leads his apostles into the fray, commonly attacking in the manner of his twin-tailed deity: forked assaults. Use this to your advantage as you will likely be beset on multiple fronts and a little attrition or the tactical advantage of an ambush can change the fortunes of battle. The greatest of the Red Crested Skinks, Tehenhauin has a zeal for slaughtering Skaven very rarely seen among the ranks of the dispassionate Lizardmen. As Tehenauin and his forces win battles against non-Lizardmen armies, they may choose to mark any post-battle captives as Sacrificial Offerings. Blessed Spawnings: These are elite Lizardmen units in limited supply, similar to Regiments of Renown. The Prophet seeks to deliver Lustria from its beleaguerment by way of the only tribute acceptable to Sotek – prodigious sacrifice.