I then saw the low ratings and mixed reviews and i wondered why. Michael explains that her captivity is temporary; part if his bigger plan. While the film does struggle to escape The Au Pair Nightmare's shadow and doesn't reach the same levels as its rival film, The Captive Nanny has enough merit to carry itself under the weight of competition. Sadly, despite its workman-like screenplay by "Not Easily Broke" scenarist Brian Bird, "Captive" generates only a modicum of suspense. Elsewhere, Chloe is being held captive in a cave with a built-in cage. Kevin Alejandro Based on a true story it had moments that I wondered, how can any good come out of the tragedy in these persons lives, and then as the movie continued the inspiration came forward as a glimmer of humanity that gives light to redemption and hope. She asks Lucifer what she can do. How does one even become a professional cosplayer? It's not perfect but it's a decent film and it's worth a watch. But when Emily and Michael become convinced Chloe is working for Emily's stalker, Chloe's new job becomes a nightmare she'll have to fight to escape. All Rights Reserved. Our main heroine Chloe doesn't make the best first impression in her opening scenes, which see her dump her long-time boyfriend for the crime of not being as ready as she is to start taking care of a child (a decision which I'm not sure if the movie is trying to condone or discourage...) While Chloe thankfully avoids total derailment as the film goes on, other main players in The Captive Nanny's drama don't feel like they get the development they should. Dan watches Chloe and Lucifer share a loving reunion, seeing how much the Devil and his ex-wife love each other. Character writing, however, is where The Captive Nanny falls further below The Au Pair Nightmare. Lucifer is speechless when God has come to stop them; he hates when his children fight. Nothing about this PG-13 rated, 97-minute melodrama is remotely captivating. In the meantime, a frazzled Lucifer has several marker boards and pinned papers with information on Dan filling his penthouse. Chronology Good to watch once and then forget about it. This film was very good and it was fascinating to see how she got through to the killer. While escaping from Atlanta's Fulton County Courthouse and later trying to avoid detection, Nichols kills four people. Pete opens up to Ella. But despite some being stuck with underdeveloped characters to play, the cast proves fairly strong and bring their all to the material they're given. While coming out so soon after such a similar film might appear to be a grave error, The Captive Nanny doesn't suffer too much for its premiere date. Amenadiel tries explaining what Michael told him, but Linda takes them to the meeting room to give Lucifer time with Chloe. In this version of the story they are complete strangers. They return to Chloe's desk, where she notes only the last victim was killed by their prisoner. Most of these Christian movies rake in millions, but "Captive" has struggled despite its laudable cast and earned back little more than its $2-million budget. At the precinct, Chloe thanks her fellow cops for looking for her. During this time, Smith, who constantly feared for her life, with a young daughter living at her mother's home, used Rick Warren's book "The Purpose Driven Life" to help change Nichols's ways and become a man emancipated from the shackles of God's sin. Unfortunately this was basically a two man play with boring characters and dialogue. Ella reveals only one had a camera, prompting Lucifer and Maze to head out; Ella leaves to collect Pete's files on the Whisper Killer. He tells Ella he hopes they can get past this, telling her that he saw a darkness in her when they met. Loved it! Spoiler Alert: Here’s What Happened In The Book Version Of ‘The Sinner’ — Will The Show Follow? Many well-intentioned Christian movies aimed at regular churchgoers boast low-budgets and borderline talent. Pete offers his Whisper Killer research notes from his home. It just wasnt there, acting was great , direction was on point, decent story. Spoiler alert | House at the End of the Street. At the precinct, Lucifer paces in worry as Maze opens the interrogation room doors, revealing a drunk Dan is with her.