Even Dae Mok gave up and removed himself. Lee Seon and Ga Eun had made peace with the relationship they were going to have moving forward. His short thank yous and goodbyes to Magistrate Han, Hwa Goon, and Lee Seon didn’t really encompass how much they really sacrificed in order for him to get there. And by this I mean we have seen no character development. In “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask,” there is palace intrigue revolving around the true power behind the throne, and a plot twist when the prince switches identities with a commoner. She became the new Queen, the mother of the nation, but that role had been decided for her so long ago it wasn’t as if she was stepping into a role of power. Ep.13-16: A Preposterous Ending, Backstreet Rookie Ep. He used wit and force together to get what he wanted, to show his might and power over those who opposed him. The past 40 episodes have put us through a roller coaster of emotions from dread and apprehension to anxiety and even heartbreak. There was no reason to kill him off. Seeing how he righted the wrongs of his father and finally fulfilled his birth prophecy, there was some expectation that he would want to see his father during this crowning achievement. Yet when he faced the Crown Prince, now King, for the last time, he was reduced to a sad old man. TXT’s “Blue Hour” Is A Joyful Albeit Forgettable Escapade, TXT Deftly Explore the Highs and Lows of Being Young, NCT 2020’s “Resonance Pt. In fact, the King does not show the growth expected at all by the end of the drama. There was no sympathy for his grieving friends either. Throughout the series we were being led to think that there would be a huge confrontation on two fronts: the Crown Prince versus the Pyeonsoo-hwe and the resolution of the love triangle. He has essentially given up and listens to his enemy’s speech without retort as he would normally. The Emperor: Owner of the Mask – Sebagai drama periode fiksi, miniseri ini bercerita tentang seorang putra mahkota bernama Lee Sun yang melawan masyarakat Pyeonsuhwe yang memegang kekuasaan mutlak atas kerajaan dan juga mengendalikan pasokan air dengan memprivatisasi. It was Ga Eun who found the essential piece of evidence to prove his identity. The finale of Ruler: Master of the Mask has aired and everything has been neatly wrapped up with a bow. 2. Episode 2 62m. The king spent the majority of the drama talking about his love for the people, yet most of his “love” was shown towards people in the palace when it all came down to it. As a fictional period drama, this miniseries tells the story of a crown prince named Lee Sun who fights the Pyeonsuhwe society that holds absolute power over the kingdom and also controls the water supply by privatizing it. Bom's 10 Favorite Korean Actresses on The Small Screen, K-Drama Characters Take the MBTI Personality Test [Part 1]. In “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask,” there is palace intrigue revolving around the true power behind the throne, and a plot twist when the prince switches identities with a commoner. It was an action that happened seemingly because there was nothing else to do with the character, which was a waste. He didn’t learn anything. King Lee Seon and Crown Prince Lee Seon are essentially the same person in different clothes. Ep.9-12: Much-needed Character Moments, Was It Love? A villain for the ages, Dae Mok was set up as unbeatable. (Source: MBC) My life revolves around cupcakes, books, and kpop. ~~ Adapted from the novel "The Prince and the Pauper" by Mark Twain. Ruler: Master of the Mask had high points and low points. His life had already been spared by King Lee Seon as a favor. Furthermore, nothing about becoming king and ruling Joseon feels particularly earned by the Crown Prince in the end. There was potential for the Lee Seons to go forward working together, using the king’s experiences as the Chief Peddler and Lee Seon’s poor upbringing as basis for policies to help the poor and working classes, improve education, and more. However, the acting at points was mediocre, which is surprising due to the all-star cast. Just how Dae Mok’s death felt like “oh, the bad guy is dead because the story is over,” so did Lee Seon’s death feel like a throw away. Instead he was sacrificed to save Ga Eun’s life, echoing Hwa Goon’s sacrifice. Ruler: Master Of The Mask ซับไทย ตอนที่ 1-40 (จบ) - nanime-play นานิแมะเพลย์ | ชุมชนสนุก ดูซีรีส์ออนไลน์ ละครออนไลน์ เกาหลี จีน ญี่ปุ่น But the overall theme of the show is love, which underlies the romance between a prince and his girl as well as the compassion for the country and people. 9-16: Subplots Shine in a Better Half, Flower of Evil Ep.1-8: Compelling Character Dynamics and Entertaining Histrionics, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is a Satisfying Contemporary Dark Fairy Tale. Release year: 2017. Instead of facing his fate head on, he cut off his own life unnecessarily. In the end, all of our female characters were also greatly reduced. Episode 1 58m. At the end of the drama we see him still doing these same things. This is sound advice for a new king, with the ancient laws to prove it, yet he’s so set on it he’s willing to throw away everything he’s worked for over this entire course. Lee … Season 1. The drama involves romance, action and court politics as the Crown prince, Lee Sun fights heroically on behalf of the people and Han Ga Eun finds herself falling in love with him instead of avenging the execution of her father at his hands.