0000003959 00000 n The action of the gravitation forces obeys the laws of aerodynamics. Corjon, A. Close this message to accept cookies or find out how to manage your cookie settings. 1997. 0000003544 00000 n Lin, Ching‐Long Soc. The Embedding of Universals through the Embedding of Motricity. To move through the environment safely, a creature must anticipate the outcome of each movement on the basis of incoming sensory data. At the heart of Llinas's theory is the concept of oscillation. Email your librarian or administrator to recommend adding this journal to your organisation's collection. 1997. Ferre´, J. Lombardi, P. 0000106411 00000 n and %PDF-1.3 PDF | The definition of a vortex is a topic of much discussion in fluid mechanics . Ducros, Frederic 0000008214 00000 n Without any moving parts or chemical reaction within the tube, the phenomenon results only from the fluid dynamic effects. USOne Rogers StreetCambridge, MA 02142-1209, UKSuite 2, 1 Duchess StreetLondon, W1W 6AN, UK, CogNet is a part of the Idea Commons, the customized community and publishingplatform from the MIT Press, CogNet is a part of the Idea Commons, the customized community and publishing, Motor Primacy and the Organization of Neuronal Networks: Thinking as Internalized Movement, 2. 0000018211 00000 n Head, A. K. In I of the Vortex, Rodolfo Llinas, a founding father of modern brain science, presents an original view of the evolution and nature of mind. Dušek, Jan 0000000827 00000 n 0000001983 00000 n Like cicadas chirping in unison, a group of neurons oscillating in phase can resonate with a distant group of neurons. Vortex gravitation, along with centrifugal forces, ensures the regular rotary motion of all the celestial bodies and systems around either the axis or another body; it also determines the gravity on the surfaces of planet, satellites, and stars, and, consequently, it determines the structure of the Universe. Chapman, S. J. Dynamics of preferred mode coherent structure, Coherent structures and studies of perturbed and unperturbed jets, Eduction of large-scale organized structure in a turbulent plane wake, Understanding turbulence via vortex dynamics, Vortex pairing in a circular jet under controlled excitation. 0000005873 00000 n and and 0000001578 00000 n turbulence: creation, stability and effect, Flow past a sphere up to a Reynolds number of 300, Coherent structures near the wall in a turbulent channel flow, Oscillating structures in a stretched–compressed 0000123461 00000 n 0000013832 00000 n VORTEX ® Designed for air, surface and maritime use, L3’s VORTEX ® transceiver provides real-time, full-motion video and other data for situational awareness, targeting, battle damage assessment (BDA), surveillance, relay, convoy overwatch operations and other situations where eyes-on-target are required. Porter, D. *+ �B�'` Uz"�3�4���S��RD�b$q���: >��%�"C9�i�NNk��;������ 1996. %äüöß 0000003182 00000 n Découvrez de nouveaux livres avec odpsemetenscene.fr. Darracq, Denis Vortex PDF. 0000130258 00000 n Coherent structure dynamics, A theoretical and numerical study of coherent structures, Ejection mechanisms in the sublayer of a turbulent channel, Turbulence structures associated with the bursting event, Cut-and-connect of two antiparallel vortex tubes, Polarized vorticity dynamics on a vortex column, Breakdown of a circular jet into turbulence, Coherent structures in a turbulent mixing layer: a comparison between numerical simulations and experiments, Viscous and resistive eddies near a sharp corner, The structures of the large eddies in fully developed turbulent shear flows. Patel, V. Language as the Child of Abstract Thought. ��'�`h�}���@����W�,Etw�. PDF (374.3 KB) 3. De tout temps, l’être humain a recherché des lieux à vibrations élevées et il en a trouvés de très nombreux emplacements. %��������� 0000106862 00000 n 0000123251 00000 n 0000021428 00000 n Elliott, C. M. Part 3. Jeong, J. Although the internal state that we call the mind is guided by the senses, it is also generated by the oscillations within the brain. PDF (147.5 KB) 1. Part 2. Use of this device requires specialized skills and training.‖ It also has the assembly date, serial number and an icon reminding users to read instructions. 0000001749 00000 n (how you can improve Active Cooling System) The increasing of efficiency of active cooling can be reached by two way at least: firstly-by reducing of electrical power for air activating (electrical side); secondary – by increasing of convective heat