About 31 miles east of Payson, Arizona. One-day permits are good for 24 hours, from midnight to midnight. Northern pike, panfish, and bass are all prevalent in Lake Itasca so there is no better place to fish off your paddle board. Stay on that road for nine and one-half miles to reach the Soda Canyon General Store, where you'll find a 60-foot-wide concrete launch ramp within a mile of the dam itself. Theodore Roosevelt Lake (usually called Roosevelt Lake, sometimes Lake Roosevelt) is a large reservoir formed by Theodore Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River in Arizona as part of the Salt River Project (SRP). The narrow, intimate lake is flanked by relatively steep pine-covered slopes, so it feels more like you’re paddling a slow-moving river than a broad lake. We have curated a list of the 10 best lakes to paddle board on! Shortly after the confluence of the two creeks is the first major rapid. We couldn’t make this without including at least one lake from the State of 10,000 lakes. Take Highway 260 West to Forest Road 149. © 2020-21 - Site operated by the Discover Gila County, Inc. Roosevelt Lake is a popular recreation destination within the Tonto National Forest, as such the facilities located at this lake are managed by that authority. Besides paddle boarding there are many activities nearby to partake in. Stephan Aarstol is an American internet entrepreneur and author of the book The Five Hour Workday, which is based on Tower Paddle Boards' invention of the 5-hour workday in 2015 that would eventually spread the idea to over 10 million people worldwide. For those that are not located on a coastline, a lake might be the closest body of water to you. Shortly after the confluence of the two creeks is the first major rapid. 109 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<9DDFED95F8E92D47A65F76891042F7B6><5408AEE17AB10647857EF3DA72CC966B>]/Index[91 47]/Info 90 0 R/Length 97/Prev 198782/Root 92 0 R/Size 138/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream About 22 miles west of Heber Overgaard, Arizona. Lake Chelan is located within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest in north-central Washington State. Paddle Boarding. For more information, and amen about the lake click here. Moosehead is home to lots of trout and bass so bring your SUP fishing gear along. Share on Twitter. Pine, oak, and hickory trees just out of the water with layers of moss hanging off the branches making an eerie yet fascinating scenery. Call listing agent for design guidelines. For more information about this lake, Stand Up Paddle Boarding At Willow Springs Lake, Like its nearby sister-lake, Woods Canyon, Willow Springs is one of the most accessible of the Rim lakes and has a very scenic setting in a heavily forested area on the edge of the Mogollon Rim. One of the cool parts about this lake is the huge sandstone cliffs that encompass the lake making it look like something on Mars. Lake Norman is located in North Carolina and is the largest man-made body of freshwater in the state. Don't see your favorite Paddle Boarding spot in Gila County. During the summer months the beaches can get a bit crowded however so keep that in mind. Lake Josephine is located in the Big Sky state of Montana in one of the nation's most beautiful national parks. A day after police reported a woman missing after she went paddle boarding at Beaverdam Reservoir, the search continued for any clues of her whereabouts on Friday. Take a right on Main Street, go approximately 1.1 miles to the end of Main Street and you are at Green Valley. Thirlmere Reservoir: once two lakes but now a reservoir courtesy of a large dam, Thirlmere also hide two old settlements (Armboth and Wytburn) beneath its waters. The Hong Kong Surf and Stand Up Paddle Board Association offers SUP lessons for those of all ages … Share on Pinterest. Additional Information. The route is all paved. Both the reservoir and the masonry dam that created it, Roosevelt Dam, were named for U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt who dedicated the dam himself in March 1911. With cabins that border the lake, this is an awesome place for a long weekend. It is a great place for scenic views. 91 0 obj <> endobj Caddo Lake is a 25,000 acre lake and reservoir on the border of Texas and Louisiana.A bit different than the other lakes on this list, Lake Caddo is swamp like and is a maze of bayous, wetlands, and backwaters. the first part of the trips is a short run along Rye Creek which leads to a confluence with Tonto Creek. While small motorized boats are allowed, this isn’t a place where paddlers will feel overwhelmed by motors. Bring your own builder! If you are using your paddle board for anything other than SUP surfing, then a lake is an ideal place to paddle board. Don't forget your fishing pole as it is stocked with trout by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Rye Creek Rapid, which is a class III rapid at ideal flows but can be upgraded to class V when flows are exceptionally high. This trail takes you along the west shore of the lake and is only 1.4 so it is a fairly easy trek. h�b```e``�������A����r,zӀ�)@|�;�����, lLWi 0V��,������3�c����8�1�����J�V3�!���>��a``��Y�3���� � �� Then we have the perfect place for you. The remainder of the trip after leaving the canyon is relatively mild consisting of mostly class I and II rapids. Apache Trail Route. Caddo lake is also home to some dangerous creatures. Avon Dam: To get to the dam there is a short walk of around 30-45 minutes. Be the first to receive exclusive offers and discounts, Are Distractions Dragging You Down? Take Highway 88 (Apache Trail) from Apache Junction which is a Phoenix suburb. With the backdrop of Allen Mountain at the head of the lake, your paddle boarding views will be absolutely breathtaking. Paddle boarding is one of the best water sports activities you can do on a lake. (970) 541-9009. 5 Tips to Stay Focused and Get to Work, Skateistan: Empowering Youth Through Skateboarding. Follow signs. The whole family will enjoy Green Valley Park. the first part of the trips is a short run along Rye Creek which leads to a confluence with Tonto Creek. �B�A�;t��=r���U,��tx�����O�4����j1����`y��B0�L�,�i�%�[�A�X��D{k����W�8�Hۃ���ǘJn{�+�`�U�S�z��M��q��uM�]8�w�М���#E'��_w�x�}�] ʒ��>��d�����)�n��x� d�=���M����f�9sY���ّt�\�:r�\�Y�Υ��|;�rv�p���:0�ܺ�?�X���� �ގ&�=�����4�)]�:MonGwі���G�>��!Jx�/Z`E�� �a��K�q�� z`��NTfb����*�� ���I�(&>$T��z�Xͪ4Ѣ�&���^Z�����3��41g�>�B.��J���{Wd�]�a�X]�VV%+J��mkc�_a\��=��z`_�C(�'�\r����$ Rye Creek Rapid, which is a class III rapid at ideal flows but can be upgraded to class V when flows are exceptionally high. Roosevelt Lake is the perfect place to take up this new, relaxing, fun way of getting some exercise while soaking up the scenery. For more information about this lake click here. The Town is requiring your assistance in this effort and as per the direction of the Board of Directors of the Cache La Poudre Reservoir Company and their agents and the lease agreement, to keep the Timnath Reservoir free of these organisms. This is truly one of a kind lake with amazing views. �pRh"`,e�_,c!�`�B�5L"�aF!�1`v�IX"���#�+t�Dr6�� � �H��KJ"-/ v�5Q̣`�ޒO��(�oW�a�>O�l�l�-�����ާ�u����6��߳�Ie1}�?�� ?1��s�Ɉ���\>&��V��0�~���KF��t�f=�?���HA��&�ﳞ6.���`��1��h�i�����_�:���c>�b��f�*y�o��7F���"�,a��.��/B��$�׿�C�W�K�Y���Ѹ���/�$���{��ca#����|CKlň�b%��Ђx��[���R�26�c�%��Tc����+�������U�m�W�����Jry����1�mKخ7�)��>&��f����d�φ/Ѯ E�����\�9�|{�0�S@t�jZ���u�z@FU/jP��� The whole family can do it. Story continues below. Although lake paddle boarding is not possible during the winter months, ice fishing is very popular to pass the time when you can’t paddle. Share. Located in Clearwater County, Minnesota this small lake is perfect for SUP fishing. One of eight lakes with desert surroundings, you’ll find deep blue waters framed by gaunt, rocky, cactus-speckled mountains – in this case, the foothills of the Gila and Mescal mountain ranges. LOCATION: Oxford SUP Club at Farmoor Reservoir GROUP SIZE: 4 people (per instructor) SESSION DURATION: 90 minutes SESSION CONTENT: A great introduction to Stand Up Paddleboarding, this session will … For more information about this lake, Stand Up Paddle Boarding At Blue Ridge Reservoir, The lake is split between two arms. In the past few years stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has literally exploded all across America, and it has become extremely popular right here in Gila County, Arizona. Take 188 south for about 40 miles passing through Jake's Corner and Punkin Center to Lake Roosevelt. So what makes this sport or recreational past time so popular with both tourists and locals? It is a great place for scenic views. For more information about this lake click here. Looking to get of the heat and paddle in a place with lush green grass, picnic areas, large amphitheater and 3 lakes for your relaxing pleasure?