Burglar (increases stealth skill in controlled areas) Cut-Throat (requires unaware target) Interloper (reduces stealth movement speed penalty, allows retaining of some movement points) Nimble (decreases armor penalty) Snipe (requires stealth mode) History. It is the one I wanted to play and it is very effective. The Vanishing Powder Grenade introduced in version is an exception to this and a powerful tool for stealth characters. https://www.stygiansoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=Stealth&oldid=29533. Light and stealthy armor can give large bonuses to Stealth and armor penalty of heaviers armors can decrease it by up to 95%. See Movement#Real-time, https://www.stygiansoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=Stealth_Mode&oldid=43518. Movement speed is also an important factor when sneaking in real-time mode. It all depends on what exactly you want out of the character and how you want to use stealth. This eye shaped indicator keeps filling up if you are being detected and empties out if you are well hidden to a point where the detection stage of that particular character changes. The detection stages are: Different enemies may react differently to each of these states. Best? Note that from the movement speed reduction from stealth mode stacks multiplicatively with other speed modifiers. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. All rights reserved. It is a 'busy' build. Per title, I'm looking to make a crossbow build who will be using traps and stealth for combat, Also would like to be able to craft my own gear, bolts and armor etc. That's going to be subjective. Simply gunning down everything in your path is probably the easiest way to get through Underrail, especially if you play on Classic because then you'll actually have a real incentive for shooting your enemies dead. However with this build I have had no trouble at all. You enter stealth mode which allows you to hide from others, but reduces your movement speed by 45%. Against hostiles, you must incapacitate enemies or stay out of sight for a number of turns (around 5) until they stop chasing you. I have no intention of calliing this the best stealth build. Also affects numerous aspects of stealth combat. A stealthy trapper with xbow is one of my favorite builds. ”. Custom portraits go into your Documents\My Games\Underrail\CustomPortraits\ folder; A custom portrait should have two files: 100x100 PNG image with filename ending in _l (underscore and lowercase L) Or was it part of a main quest? The Stealth skill is used for sneaking around undetected. Knife or range? Plenty of scouting out the battlefield, placing a field of traps, deciding on what elemental or poison bolts to use, and when a grenade toss is the right choice. Investing in stealth skill will also affect different aspects of combat, such as increasing damage of your stealth attacks and providing new defensive mechanisms. Custom portraits. There's a separate indicator of how well you are hidden from each of the characters that appears above them when you enter the stealth mode. First of all, you must choose the gender and name of your character and choose a portrait.. That is how you are destealthed - by suffering some hostile action such as taking damage or being stunned. Bumping into someone will also cause the stealther to stumble out of stealth. While in combat your movement points are reduced to 0 and you can receive no extra movement points from any source. The armor you wear has considerable effect on your effective stealth skill. You cannot start hiding from someone who has you in their sight. No changes yet; Underrail … Knife is really strong against single target but kinda struggle against larger group. “ Decreases the chance that you'll be spotted while in stealth mode. Stealth is not just a situational utility. You can buy them or find them. Underrail character build calculator & theorycrafting tool ... Stealth: ? It doesn't get going smoothly until after GMS, though, but that's true for anything ;) Simplest build is just 8 str, 10 con, 10 per, though that's not quite the build I use. Stealth Mode is an important gameplay mechanic. Slowly fading in-and-out red eye means "stealth too low to hide from this NPC"; Added a notification when you bump into other characters and fall out of stealth for that reason, You no longer remain in stealth after attacking a camera or other passive object.