César Bono as Francisco Ríos "Frankie Rivers", Lorena's husband and Benito's father. Claudia Bollat as Gudelia, Germán's on-and-off girlfriend who works as a maid in a neighboring building. He is usually abusive with those who help him, and is economically dependent of his wife Lorena and further on in later seasons of his son Benito. In a neighborhood in Mexico City, the neighbors get into problems and have silly misadventures with each other. Jessica Antonieta Morales He mainly spends his bonding moments with Benito rambling about his potential acting career as a young child, with Benito's constant line that he dosen't want to be an actor. 130 Episodes (2013-2013), Gabriel Vanegas Said Casab as Morrison, Alejandra and Rocko's son. Danny Perea Apparently, it is the best paid of the neighbors. His characteristic expression is to correct the word "goalkeeper" by "janitor". Markin López as Rocko, Alejandra's husband and Morrison's father. Yolanda Martínez as Jovita, Luis's mother. It's eventually discovered that Luisito is in reality the son of his mother's ex-boyfriend Ro and he's taken away from his adoptive father. Complicates the life of his father-in-law Arturo by not working and being maintained by him. Most neighbors often tease him for his old age, especially Pedro. Vecinos, is about neighbors with big problems, like gas leaks, black outs, dark waters, etc. He usually tries to look serious and disciplined, but his clumsiness and lack of sanity is evident, especially when trying to communicate with his plush bear, whom he calls "Rambo." ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Magdalena Pérez. Although he usually goes out with many women, he always has a special sense for his neighbor Silvia. Neto often flirts with Silvia, who flirts right back. Rodolfo Castaneda He spends most of his time playing or lounging around, which is why neighbors yell at him and threaten to get him fired. It premiered on July 10, 2005. 130 Episodes (2013-2013), César Bono 130 Episodes (2013-2013), Amparo Conde 130 Episodes (2013-2013), Alexandra Restrepo 130 Episodes (2013-2013), Ricardo Pérez Tamayo He share his apartment with his roommate and best friend Pedro. Darío Ripoll as Luis San Román, He is a seller and promoter of articles. Moisés Suárez as Arturo López, Magdalena's husband and Alejandra and Marcos's father. He always boasts about his movie "La Toalla del Mojado" (The Wet Man's Towel) as the best thing he has done in his life, although it turns out that it was the only movie in which he acted. It's eventually discovered that Luisito is in reality the son of his mother's ex-boyfriend Ro and he's taken away from his adoptive father. In 2017, Karinna, one of our cast members, called up Rupert and JoAnn Reyes and said, "Let's meet for coffee and discsuss how we're going to make Vecinos: The Movie." ", "Premios TVyNovelas 2020: Lista completa de ganadores", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Vecinos&oldid=986576063, Mexican television series based on Spanish television series, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He is an ex actor who spends his time writing scripts for movies on a typewriter. Germán Martínez. He is always ignored when trying to impose his authority or wanting to communicate with his children. [6][7] The series has been renewed for a fifth season, that premiered on 24 March 2019. Germán Martínez (184 episodes, 2005-2020) Macaria. María Prado as Doña Cata "Catita" Balboa, a heavily religious nurse hired by Don Roque's son to take care of him after Vanessa moves out. Tatiana Gomez [5] The fourth season premiered on August 28, 2017. Cast (in credits order) Eduardo España. TV Series 130 Episodes (2013-2013), Juan Carlos Arango She is a. Carla Zuckerman as Patricia "Pato" Alcantara, is a mischievous little girl who replaces Benito when he finds a way to run away from home by exploiting a student exchange program. Macaria. TV-PG Their biggest problem is that they have to be very gossipy and boastful, reasons why they make meters in anyone. Comedy, Family. It is worth mentioning that months after filming of season 5 ended, Martínez had passed away, causing Luis to be forced to return to the apartment in season 6.