Vernon ACE Gear Up Ambassadors Vernon Middle School World Languages Academy 125 S 13th Street, Harlingen, TX 78550 956-427-3040 Fax: 956-427-3046 Powered by Edlio Promoting Unlimited Potential (P.U.P.) With a rich curriculum that emphasizes the study of language and culture, WLA students develop understanding and respect for an international community. classroom allows the students to work independently, collaboratively, and through whole groups depending on the assignment, concept, needs, and delivery model. For more information: or 770-297-6270. Students gain a deeper understanding of the state curriculum through instructional strategies that relate to their dominant ways of thinking and learning and choice classes based on individual interests. ASP classrooms foster an environment that encourages each student to display their own talents while learning to work cooperatively. 4670 Winder Highway Flowery Branch, GA 30542. Students may apply to a school with a certain focus or to a school with a unique program that matches their individual interests, aptitudes, and goals. Curriculum standards are taught using a hands-on project approach that engages students and promotes deep understanding. Administration; STAAR Report Card; Forms & Handbook; Administrator Directory; Faculty & Staff; Cafeteria . McEver Arts Academy is an arts integration model charter school that uses dance, music, movement, drama and visual arts to engage students in authentic learning of the state curriculum standards and the National Standards for the Arts. Grit For more information: or 770-532-3161, Contact Carol Summer: For more information contact: or (770) 503-1749. Students regularly assess and reflect on their mastery of becoming a thoughtful learner.Finally, parents are actively involved at Vernon. Student Registration – Transfers/Withdrawals Page, 2020 © Copyright - Hall County Schools | Character, Competency, Rigor ...For All,,, Purposefully integrating inquiry experiences throughout the day, Using teachers as facilitators to support student achievement, Integrating problem solving across content areas, Engaging students in hands-on experiences that will allow them to work collaboratively with peers, Providing a STEM connections course that will allow EVERY child to dive deeper into curriculum that is interesting to them. For additional information: or 770-532-1162. • Caring College Professors provide the same rigorous classes! Relationships are emphasized throughout the school community and during K-5 “Families.” At MVES, Jr. Trojans are responsible, respectful learners. Each selected participant is matched with a professional who serves as his/her mentor by providing a real-life career experience along with the latest information and technology in the field. Selection is based on evidence from students’ applications, teacher recommendations, and school transcripts of (a) intrinsic motivation to excel; (b) interest and advanced ability in the arts, sciences and/or technology; (c) creativity; and (d) ability to work well independently and in small group settings. Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy bases its unique programming options on Howard Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences. WLA News. Lanier College Career Academy (LCCA) is an innovative school that provides career pathways and post-secondary education opportunities to students from all the high schools in Hall County who are interested in careers in the hospitality, culinary arts, marketing, and cosmetology industries. RACE Program Coordinators: Kimberly Holland at ( and Rodney Stephens ( Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant decline in children accessing preventative medical services such as vaccines and well child checks. Principal: Beverly Moody. For more information: or 770-534-7473. The Honors Mentorship Program (HMP) is a district-wide program for high-achieving, intellectually gifted, and/or artistically talented 11th and 12th grade students who desire a challenging, enriching, career internship experience. Questions regarding STATUS should be directed to the Principal, Mrs. Arely R. Tamez 956- 427-3040 More information, 2044 NE Killingsworth•Portland, OR 97211•Ph 503-916-6415•Fx 503-916-2678. Specifically, students will get valuable guidance, practice, and confidence in speaking and presenting to individuals, groups, school-wide, and to the community as appropriate to their age. academy classrooms have advanced curriculum in specific concept areas, move at a faster pace, and use in depth hands-on activities through a variety of learning experiences. Title VI Contact: 503-916-6499 Real-life STEM experiences include technology product development, research, and authentic applications through various speakers, on-line platforms, contests, and field trips.