:-) It does make a huge difference to know which sign you are in.If you're unsure which sign you are in, you can get a Free Natal ChartOR have me look it up for you for $10. Good luck abounds. Read full quote. Tested successfully on BBC TV. A few Virgos might not exhibit the patience to learn. Although the above horoscope chart has been cast according to our location, the information on this page is updated according to Eastern Standard Time (EST/EDT, 11:09), or the New York, US time zone, so as to cover the widest section of visitors. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Virgo today. Lucky Days Software calculates your LUCKY and UNLUCKY dates based on your time and date of birth. There's always light in darkness. Horoscopes . If you have had an astrology report, you will know what are periods are auspicious for you. Even rough for masochists. The details provided in the 'Almanac' can help you to time events in your life so that you initiate all new plans during auspicious periods, hence bringing fruitful results. Be patient, as your continuous efforts coupled with a healthy dose of commonsense and understanding will bring you successful results. And remember, that as bad as anything gets, the pendulum does swing again. Please include those three items in the PayPal box: "Add special instructions to the seller. If you have had an astrology reading, you will know how different planets affect your life and the roles they play. Read full overview. To manage your subscriptions, please type in your email below. This field is optional, If you Like our Website, Please Help to Spread the word, Horoscope Predictions for Virgo, for November, 2020 →, ← Today's, Tue November 03rd Horoscopes for Virgo, ← Yesterday's, Mon November 02nd 2020 Horoscopes for Virgo. If the Chariot shows up in your reading, it's no time to start slacking. You will be aware that time can be scarce and you will want to spend some time in solitude, away from other people. This is your year for good luck, Virgo! An instant romance could come your way if you go out with friends in the evening. 8 - Very lucky! 1 - Extremely unlucky. you're a Leo but you see July 22 also listed for Cancer on the forecast, or anywhere else, read only your sign's forecast. I'll be posting those dates when Uranus in Taurus is transiting in good aspect. I'll be posting those dates when Uranus in Taurus is transiting in good aspect. 4 - A shade unlucky. The day will be a pleasant one in your married life, you will experience something really refreshing today. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that’s the way Virgos like it: exacting.