Also a great spell for taking a long rest in hostile territory. You might be tempted to choose Warforged as your Forge Cleric race. Augury: Spells that predict the future are not rooted in rules, so their subjective nature makes them hard to use. I'm thinking about playing something tanky, and have only played as a Rogue and a few levels of Monk previously - so I'm tempted to try a caster. Channel Divinity – Charm Animals and Plants. Also, your limited to up to 5 attacks per day with this ability, assuming you max out your Wisdom. By level six, your Forge Cleric could hit 20 AC easily without even using a shield. Heal: A full heal for most of your party. DispaterMToF: Nothing useful for the Cleric.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gameoutonline_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_4',118,'0','0'])); FiernaMToF: Wisdom increase, and spellcasting based in Charisma. It’s a roll for stats deal but we haven’t done that just yet then with 10 levels to follow, I’d like to play to the classes strengths and was considering warhammer and shield. Banishment: With both a save and concentration requirements being drawbacks, this spell is still potentially encounter-ending. Glyph of Warding: A great way to lay a trap for anyone pursuing you, or to set up a wildcard alarm during a long rest. We will be returning to this campaign soon and I’ve decided to roll a cleric. Copyright © 2020 Game Out | All Rights Reserved. Sending: Your magical cell phonies great for a world-hopping adventure to keep in touch with allies all along the Sword Coast. Bonus Proficiencies: Martial weapons and heavy armor give you the edge you need to keep up with Fighters and Paladins on the front lines. These few were most likely tricked into believing that Vol can grant them souls or life after death in an undead form. Although warforged understand this concept, they see more benefit from the spellcasting of an artificer, and most who choose to gain magical power take that path. Channel Divinity: War God’s Blessing: Much better option than the above, using your channel divinity to grant an ally (like a sneak attacking Rogue) a guaranteed hit. Corona of Light: Considering all your domain spells deal a ton of fire and radiant damage, this is going to come in handy. Good for extended reconnaissance, but Plane Shift is arguably better for the same purpose. RELATED: 10 Ways How To Make An Overpowered Cleric In Dungeons And Dragons. Warforged who take up the banner of religion could worship nearly any deity or … Arcane Initiate: Two cantrips and Arcana proficiency give you some useful options when playing budget Wizard. Magic weapon is best at low levels before you or an ally have a true magic weapon available. The higher-level spells are on-theme but not as important to have prepared. We will be returning to this campaign soon and I’ve decided to roll a cleric. This domain is a hard sell. Medium Armor Master: Good for the default Cleric who doesn’t have access to heavy armor. Dual type damage and a wide area make this extremely useful in al combat situations. Beasthide: Useful for a Melee Cleric not looking for a high Spell save DC, for lack of a Wisdom bonus. Also, a story circulating among disbelieving warforged has it that a whole battalion deserted from Karrnath and now seeks to build a deity somewhere in the Mournland. Pass without trace is a great party buff for sneaking around. Guild Artisan: Strictly worse than acolyte. Plant growth can be a useful control spell but requires some preparation to really shine. Stacks with your smite. Most warforged think the concept of the three dragons, Khyber, Syberis, and Eberron, is as strange a myth as those associated with the other deities. [5e] Interested in making a Warforged Forge Cleric, would LOVE advice. Hallow: With a duration of “until dispelled” you’re going to need this once and usually not again, given the expensive nature of this spell. Divine Strike: You’re going to focus more on your spellcasting with this build, but this ability makes sure you can still keep up in melee. Divine Strike: You don’t get an extra attack so the usefulness provided by this is limited, but on turns where you aren’t healing you can still dish out some respectable damage. With d8 hit dice, clerics are not as resilient as those they support. It’s not the most powerful Cleric domain, but it’s quite versatile. Maybe max wis. Maybe bump con to 18. Heavily Armored: Good for a melee Cleric who isn’t already proficient in heavy armor.