I have the Watchtower Library 2016.

Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. I had no problem with any of the other updates. 25-06-2018 09-57-54-57M: Started updater thread. Finally got it fixed today and was trying to update (2 gb to go) but it just sits there doing nothing. Okay, so while it sits there doing nothing I should just let it sit there.....working in the background?

Choose a location on your computer to save the update package file, then click the Save button. But I don't even have the daily text for 2018 right now, nor any 2018 workbooks.

I tried to update my Wt Library. Select the file and click the Open button to apply the updates to Watchtower Library. The sequence is: Just guessing, but based on the Wine versions you mentioned and the fact that a clean wineprefix fixed it in 2.x, I think you ran into. I have a Watchtower Library 2009 CD-Rom, and I am constantly having to reinstall the cd-rom.

The 2011 Watchtower Library would run on my old XP emachines computer but not the 2014 Library.

It did the same as it did with the "over the air" update and said please wait, but then it gave me the same error message about another instance of the WT Library running.

I was just curious if anyone else was having problems. Watchtower Library can now be downloaded from jw.org to run on Windows computers..

I think it was the word 'laptop' that said WT Library to me because I only use JW Library on portable devices and my laptop sits in the same place like a PC so therefore not portable ......... As far as explaining what you are talking about, why would you? they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. @simskij Turned on debug mode and got the following message in Slack: So Watchtower is in deed trying to login to Docker Hub with the credentials for the private registry.

to your account. However, our community is not an official website of Jehovah's Witnesses. if it works I will bring it on a stick for the other person I was trying to help to the meeting tonight. By Whenever an update is available online, you will be prompted with a message asking if you wish to download it. Now I wonder if you try the pkg if it will just apply the 1705 update portion of the file.. Well, I downloaded Richard's  file and  attempted to use it. That may have been the issue. I also made the Update Package and offered it - I have no place to upload it to so did not post a link, just the offer to email it since JWTalk does not let me upload a file this large. If you want to discuss this subject, we prefer that you start a new topic.

I updates to 3% then gives the "Failed to update Watchtower Library.

Still the error message I receive every 30 seconds in Slack hasn't changed. Can you take a picture of the screen with your phone and post it here?