The United States embargo against Cuba has prevented Cuba from purchasing medical supplies from the US, but medical scientists in Cuba have synthesised some of the antiviral drugs used in the management of HIV/AIDS, and these have been provided to patients at no cost. // --> ", Cuba has enacted laws against racial discrimination but activists say racism is present on the streets (AFP Photo/Yamil LAGE), Spread your wings: Six of the best Caribbean birdwatching holidays, Pitbull Finally Not Most Dangerous Dog Breed, Oscar-Nominee Hubert Sauper Takes a Swipe at Teddy Roosevelt, Teases Upcoming Award, Cuba has big stake in U.S. election after Trump's trashing of detente, The First Election Day Results Are Already In, Thanks To A Quirky Old Law, The Biggest Celebs Funding Trump's Campaign, Live updates and results: Election Day 2020, Lockdown revolt grows as Oxford scientist says data at press conference was exaggerated, Trump is reportedly telling advisers if he loses, he expects intense scrutiny from prosecutors, 'Extremely disturbing': Montana woman gets 50 years in prison for selling 5-year-old girl for sex, Trump returns to Kenosha with a familiar message about law and order and turning the corner on COVID, Vision Loss Lawsuit Eligibility - Find Lawyer, NC voters greet Election Day with fatigue, excitement and a focus on their issues, Howard Stern commends Taylor Swift for taking a political stance: 'That's standing up for your country', United States: Knee Surgeons Losing It Over These Knee Sleeves, Trump supporters chanting 'LeBron James sucks' is mind-boggling ignorance, In setback to Trump, judges rule against Republican challenges to ballots in Texas and Nevada, U.S. whistleblower Edward Snowden seeks dual citizenship in U.S. and Russia for sake of future son, NASCAR Driver Kyle Larson Fired From Racing Team, Police, experts monitoring extremist groups to see if poll watchers try to disrupt voting, Election 2020: Betting markets see Trump losing as battlegrounds shift toward Biden. Artículo 3.1: A los delitos previstos en esta Ley le son aplicables, en lo atinente, las disposiciones contenidas en la Parte General del Código Penal. The Customer Number you have provided is not valid. It is exclusively provided to state-owned and foreign businesses, and to foreigners residing in the country, as its website makes clear. Read story ». Telecable offers a selection of international channels such as CNN, Discovery, HBO, ESPN…. // --> through the Law of 12 March 1996 known as the Helms-Burton Law, the United States expanded, intensified and codified its economic war against Cuba and detailed how such assistance would be given to individuals who would be used in the national territory to carry out the subversive and imperialist objectives of the Empire … the Federal Budget Law, passed on 21 October 1998 by the Government of the United States, set a minimum of two million dollars to support counterrevolutionary activities in Cuba …(78) Cuba is a communist country with strict rules. La sanción es de privación de libertad de ocho a veinte años cuando concurra alguna de las circunstancias siguientes: Artículo 10: Incurre en sanción de privación de libertad de dos a cinco años o multa de mil a tres mil cuotas o ambas, el que: Men should be addressed as "señor" and women as "señora". [38] Prostitutes were often represented as individualistic, greedy, lazy women. 2. In Cuba, making light of capitalism is not fun and games. b) si el hecho se realiza con ánimo de lucro o mediante dádiva, remuneración, recompensa o promesa de cualquier ventaja o beneficio; A public-education campaign in schools and on television and radio promotes the use of condoms and informs people about how HIV is transmitted. Please try again, By signing up you agree to our Privacy Policy, Posted on 3/29/2016 12:32:00 PM in Travel Trivia. Cuba is a communist country with strict rules. ARTICLE 91. 2. A curious double standard, no? ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && The possession of US dollars became a primary route to prosperity, and prostitution was an avenue used by many women to obtain them. Expect them to be confiscated from you if you take them into the country. [1] Sex tourism has existed in the country, both before and after the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Like what you see here? [27] In the 1970s, some women were independently offering sex in Havana hotels in exchange for consumer goods,[23] but prostitution remained extremely limited until the early 1990s. Cuban authorities report people from ages 13 to 20 are most vulnerable to human trafficking in the country. Never go near military zones and never photograph military equipment or personnel - unless you're attending a public national day parade photographing parading equipment or, when you're at a museum photographing exposed objects (and only after asking whether it's allowed). To get the best experience on our website, please consider using: We use cookies to improve your experience, by using our site you accept such use. The penalties are more severe for those who do so for personal gain or who cause damage to the Cuban economy. Article 207, which defines the crime of asociación para delinquir, or "associating with others to commit crimes." c) si el culpable llegó a conocer o poseer la información de manera subrepticia o empleando cualquier otro medio ilícito;