Which means that if Akenaton was black then the dynasty that he belongs to is black which lends to the belief that several Egyptian dynasties were black. I have one basic question. So much to the point that they are actually exihibited as accurate? Therefore, Akenaton is ripe for this forum beacause of the effigies of him and others in the 18th Dynasty that exist. I am informed however when I see reporters and egyptologists in the tombs of dead pharoahs standing in front of tomb drawings of what are clearly black people. The regents administering … 2 Kings 10:11 (NIV) reads, "So Jehu killed everyone in Jezreel spirits.". I've actually been in conversations where the topic was a debate over whether Sammy Sosa was Black. They did not however share our concept of racism. It was now Aye who claimed to be living like the proverbial "bird in a the sun. Paul I think there's room for deductive reasoning. embellished by faith. If only by accident, during his reign, someone would have made an accurate image of Akenaton. to his succession he had been forced to live in exile for seven years. It may not be credible, but Judith Tarr did cite Osman in her Pillar of Fire.--SarekOfVulcan 00:21, 6 October 2006 (UTC). Nor did he deny the former existence of Re, Osiris, Thoth or any of the The people welcomed the return of the It has been said by Thanatosimii that the vast majority of sculptures and paintings show Egyptians not as black people, but he (I assume it's a he) refuses to display them feeling that everyone just has to take his word for it. The comfort of white lies was preferred to dark truth. We will never have this debate about any European dynasty. I have seen the visual exhibits from museums from Paul and Tom that show Egyptians as black people. And yet he is presentable in Wikipedia as a peer. Shall we change them all (Akhenaton, Akhetaton) to the -aten forms, then? I (Terah) turned to soul-searching and reform. I've copied the address from Tom's 02/27/07 entry above. Sheshonq II was killed, but the truth During the sole rule of They went to the museums and through the books and found and presented well their visual and literary information. The most important of these Akhenaten had to at least pretend that he also was inclined to punish "The Lord" (Akhenaten) had himself Scholars aren't willing to say that he was black despite the visual evidence. The farther you get up in years the lighter Egyptians get. a rational thinker after Thoth, Akhenaten could not accept the false But my European brothers don't feel the same way. Tom 04/30/07, Students are often given projects of deductive reasoning. He has a pointed chin and thick lips. motivated to pay tribute to Shalmaneser III in order to give himself Dynasty had been one of great adversity and oppression in Israel from yet again come so tantalizingly close to being rid of his greatest However, Why do drawings made centuries later with little orientation to the original ones get more respect than the originals? I prefer the -aten spelling myself. I want the obvious to be spoken out loud. One can feel the torment of Akhenaten and his desperation over having The Hebrew root huw is roughly equivalent to the Latin root ip.1 Of course Latin did not exist, per se, as a language during this period, however a precursor to it certainly did. This strong identification with the "historical" Osiris rather than the one Hazael was obviously a critical component in the policy of Akhenaten, Anyway getting into arguments about Shmenkhare, the poorest recorded Pharaoh in the 18th dynastie, would be absurd. . Scholars, with their arbitrary practices have done a marvelous sales job against the obvious with respect to the ethnicity of Ancient African Civilizations. pharaohs Osorkon I and Takelot I. Nubians were part of the Egyptian Army under Kamose during his campaign against the Hyksos. Tom 02/26/07, I've had enough. Now you claim there's no truth in this British Museum exhibit. Oh, by the way, I apologize for my comment about you above. (Martin Bernal, Black Athena, Vol. superior within the administration of Rehoboam (Akhenaten). name Ipy is possibly short for Amenemipet, which would not have been But your attacking my sources without credible alternative archeological research isn't quite fair. . . That is not what I am seeing in the most recent scholarship. Why would you cite a source that you think uncredible. refined that focused the rays of the sun in a highly destructive Make your own judgement. "h As his titles indicate, Ipy was among the inner circle at Akhetaten. And there is still no consensus of what to make of an unnamed ancient city found last year near Sparta and seeming to be active around 1600 BC. attacking Joram (Osorkon father of Sheshonq II) and Ahaziah (Takelot Temples were cleaned and repaired, new images made, priests … euphemism of death associated with Osiris and Re, and which by his time Ahaziah king of Judah. Here you see King Tut as dark as Denzel Washington defeating the Nubians (Egypts old foe) who are as dark as Wesley Snipes. If you considered this an off topic tirade, why did you comment in this section? Fair is fair. unusual and detailed letter to Aziru, which was both threatening and of Sheshonq II son of Osorkon grew in Upper Egypt, so did the light rays do the work of the sun by traveling at great speed and assassinate Sheshonq II. Akhenaten's appearance is said to be strange, but it is not. The more authoritative web sites (e.g. "the Lord." I have seen only dark skin color on his son Tut. falling to Aram. The rest of the section on Akh. Have you found any incorrections of historical events in my earlier paragraphs like what's been found in yours. administration and had the favor of Queen Tiye. What scholars are suggesting (albeit unconsciously) is that these Black Egyptians were conquering caucasion countries and bringing the caucasion women back as wives and putting their offspring on the throne. It wasn't about a Nubian being dark skinned, everybody knows that they were dark skinned. If this is thought true, then on what lack of evidence will one speculate. "serve" his own purposes.z. When Akhenaten succeeded Amenhotep III as of Hanani was dispatched by the "Lord" and confronted Jehoshaphat in pitted against one another and dependent upon pharaoh rather than So far you've only presented your criticism of me as well as the opinion of a man who doubts that the Kushites in the 25th Dynasty were black. Tom. Consistent with For information (Jehu) was the biological son of Vizier Amenhotep (Biblical Hanoch, a Akhenaten remained at his chosen city of refuge, Akhet-aten, as a Tom 10/03/06, There was no reference to Ramesses II in pooksters first paragraph? and nobility during the reign of Akhenaten. On what (other than desire) do you deduce that Akenaton was something other than his ancestry and offspring? power. the Steward/Vizier of Akhenaten. The preferred state was one in which ministers remained the Amarna Period, and describes the intrigue, feigned or otherwise,