He went to Berklee College of Music, and he also worked with Lena Hathaway and other prominent jazz folks.

“This year I added flames.” After seeing YouTube videos of other bagpipers whose pipes emitted dramatic bursts of flames, Kidd did some research. Click Here to Read More Articles on – People from Portland. Support fearless independent local journalism. “I always thanked K-Hill for that.”. Upon realizing that most artists included their emails on their Twitter bios, he emailed all of his favorite artists requesting to work with them. The Unipiper is an American performance artist whose work regularly combines unicycling with playing the (sometimes flaming) bagpipes. He found that he was the only bagpiper for hire in the area, and often performed at weddings and funerals. He showed me the ins and outs of recording. It was attached to a vinyl copy of their debut EP, I Don’t Wear Suits, and placed neatly on the futon in Brian Kidd’s home studio.

Age 33 years old . According to Brian, The Unipiper is out to challenge people’s expectations and redefine the word ‘possible’ when it comes to the bagpipes. I would just sit and watch for hours.”. Prior to moving, he would rent a car for one day, knowing his unreliable car could not make the hour-long drive, just to network at local music shows and events. Learn more about Brian Kidd and the Unipiper by finding him on his website at http://www.unipiper.com, Facebook, Twitter, and of course YouTube.

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Besides the Darth Vader mask what really ties the whole routine together is the flames that Brian is able to shoot out of his bagpipes. He started by playing the practice chanter, a sort of training-wheels instrument that is bag-free, making it blessedly quiet. While Kidd was in school, his dad, a schoolteacher who knew a lot of people on the scene and at the school, connected him with a local musician who offered a summer internship. Gender Male. His affinity for Little Brother led him to major in audio recording technology—and to get out of Virginia. We seek to recognize some awesome locals who are innovative, creative, and because of their unique flare, bring pride to the Portland community just by doing what they do best! Pep Guardiola has retained Brian Kidd as part of his Manchester City coaching staff due to his vast experience in the Premier League.. Kidd was earmarked as a … One of them is … That’s a real concern when a good set of pipes runs north of $1,500. PDX People believes that it is the people who make the city! After years of fame online, and the nice side income that has come from appearing on TV shows across the United States, Brian Kidd does have a day job working as an acquisition manager for a local company in Portland Oregon.

I worked with those guys to make a mount, custom for my bagpipes, and that was that — it seemed like a natural evolution.”. The system includes a propane tank, a small pilot light on each of the three drone pipes, and a button that allows him to release a burst of fuel.

From the start, he had his parents’ full support. While he says he had thought about bagpiping while riding the unicycle before, he had always been afraid of falling off and damaging the pipes.

They took him to tour the college and were impressed by the professors and the school’s recording studio. Beyond that, Kidd was familiar with how “The Gong Show,” with its outrageous acts and celebrity judge wisecracks, had become part of popular culture.

An email he sent to Nashville emcee Dee Goodz paid off years after he sent it when the rapper finally reached out. PORTLAND, Ore. – There’s no doubt that Brian Kidd, Portland’s Unipiper, is by far one of the most unique people to gain worldwide acclaim over recent years thanks to his fantastic ability to play the bagpipes, dressed as Darth Vader, while riding a unicycle. Having won the European Cup with United, Brian later moved to Maine Road and racked up 128 appearances, including over 50 goals, with the Blues between 1976 and 1979.

Between balancing the responsibilities of his job and recent marriage, Brian Kidd still gets calls from time to time to appear on national TV. “Probably about to get back into production,” Kidd says. Brian Kidd PMP Applications, Training & Technicl Support. Over the past few years, Kidd’s ability to network and seek out opportunities has proven to be his biggest strength. “I was looking at North Carolina Central, Elizabeth City, Barton College, and ODU [Old Dominion University],” he says. Previously cities included Manahawkin NJ and Stafford Twp NJ. You are a legend! After graduating, Kidd put together a plan that, in retrospect, was genius. Grammy-winning producer Chase N. Cashe—whose prior credits include Drake, Beyoncé, Brandy, The Pussycat Dolls, and J. Cole—produced Dee Goodz’s project. Lookup Brian Kidd's family members, old roommates, friends and more instantly. Comment on this story at backtalk@indyweek.com. Teledyne Integrated Designs Carrollton, Texas 323 connections He has worked on projects for Pat Junior, theDeeepEnd, Nance, Defacto Thezpian, LesTheGenius, SkyBlew, Millie Vaughn, Kelly Kale, and Tab-One, just to name a few. You down to mix it?’’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, of course,’” Kidd says. Possible Associates Brian V Kidd could have been associated with Kelli Marie Cox, Shanna Noelle Mocabee, … BRIAN KIDD is on the brink of a shock return to Manchester United. Brian has 6 jobs listed on their profile. I recently visited Kidd’s home studio, which he says was inspired by Common and the late J Dilla’s basement studio when the two were roommates.

Support independent local journalism. I was like, ‘I got to do something in music.’”.