There’s a ghost in town, you know. [3], A doctor allegedly experimented on patients with crude lobotomies. In 2014 the Italian state auctioned a 99-year lease of Poveglia, which would remain state property, to raise revenue, hoping that the buyer would redevelop the hospital into a luxury hotel. Poveglia is such an island situated near Venice and Lido, Italy. The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood is both very iconic...and very haunted. The island contains one or more plague pits. Although the island looks oddly well-maintained and has a beautiful heritage appeal, Poveglia hosted so many body-burnings that–it is said–50% of the islands soil is human ash. If you really want to set foot on one of the many private islands around the world, this one may be your best bet. Bacon originally purchased the 445-acre island in Peconic Bay to create his own secluded getaway. The patients and staff finally abandoned the island in 1968 and it has been unoccupied to this day except for, hundreds of thousands of ghosts. The tower was re-used as a lighthouse. In 1793, there were several cases of the plague on two ships, and consequently the island was transformed into a temporary confinement station for the ill (lazaretto); this role became permanent in 1805, under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, who also had the old church of San Vitale destroyed; the old bell-tower was converted into a lighthouse. Today the island remains abandoned and off limits to visitors.  may participate in affiliate programs. Action Park was notorious for being the world's most dangerous and deadly amusement park. October 1st, 2018 9:48 am, Mike on He performed many lobotomies with tools like hand drills, chisels and hammers. The city came with the concept of lazaretto in the early 1400s. Next: The population of this island doesn’t want contact with the outside world. In the 14th century, the islands population dramatically decreased because of the bubonic plague that arrived in Venice and Poveglia in 1348. But you could buy it! Decades later, nearby residents claimed to still hear the bell, although it was removed many years earlier. As USA Today reports, “When he purchased the land in 1993 Bacon set out to protect the area’s rare and endangered species by donating $1.1 million to the Nature Conservancy and has invested a great deal of his own money in order to restore and conserve the island’s natural habitat.”. The goal was to document the no-doubt ghostly presences lurking on the island’s surface for a film based on the mad doctor of the asylum. The citizens were fortunate enough to avoid laws and taxes from the mainland. If you’re headed to Italy, you should certainly ask about Poveglia. Pretty unfortunate, because as USA Today notes, it “sounds just like an adventure-lover’s paradise.”. Afterwards, the island was briefly used for agriculture and then completely abandoned. But depending on when you plan to go, it might not be such a great idea to visit this volcanic island. Why Is Poveglia Island Off Limits? The 160,000 souls that were lost to the plague (and the several more who died at the asylum) is perhaps logical enough to assume there are dark forces haunting the island. The government attempted to auction off the island several times but the Poveglia Island still remains uninhibited and unsold. Was a case of spontaneous human combustion? Phone me and let me show you why I am the penthouse specialist! ("Are you alive?") For example in CENTRAL London during dig to built Crossrail workers uncovered plaque pits with estimating 20 000 bodies in them. Next: These islands served as a dump for radioactive waste. The island remained uninhabited in the subsequent centuries; in 1527 the doge offered the island to the Camaldolese monks, who refused the offer. When locals heard screams coming from the island, the police were dispatched to bring the Americans back to the mainland. Oh how OFFENDED we are… And many people think ghosts still haunt it. A small canaldivides the island into two separate parts. Some are private islands, and some house secret military bases. GhostTownTravels © 2018. But sending anyone who experienced the symptoms of the plague to an isolated island was giving that person a death sentence. It drove him so crazy that he threw himself from the top of the bell tower. I specialise in penthouses and pride myself in having access to the largest selection of penthouses in Marbella area. [20],,,, "How much? Hearing about the mistreatment, honestly makes me sick. Travel Channel reported that this very doctor—known to have worked at the asylum in the 1930s—was driven to madness by his work. In these uncertain, chaotic, isolated times, it’s hard not to think of traveling or at least stepping outside your home without worrying about coming into contact with anyone. At least if you have a few million dollars sitting around. The existence of an asylum on Poveglia seems to be confirmed by a sign for "Reparto Psichiatria" (Psychiatric Department) still visible among the derelict buildings, as photographed by Ransom Riggs in his May 2010 photo-essay documenting his visit to Poveglia. During the medieval era, when the plague returned and killed nearly two-third of Europe, Poveglia and various islands served as quarantine and dumping grounds for the deads. The Italian government sold the island but the owner abandoned it during the sixties. In the novel The Dark Temple by R.D. Fishermen steer clear of the island in fear of catching human remains. Mental Floss reports that Poveglia is a small island located between Venice and Lido, within the Venetian Lagoon. Why is Poveglia Plague Island Off Limits. All Rights Reserved. The case of Elizabeth Short, better known as the Black Dahlia remains one of LA's most notorious unsolved true crimes. Historical evidence suggests people remained on the island for generations, the population size dwindling until there was no one left by the 14th century. The whole world got OFFENDED by this outrageous statement! One who has taken the chance of stepping the foot on the island has left with absolutely no desire to leave the island. Today the island remains abandoned and off limits to visitors. And in 2004, they shot arrows and threw stones at research helicopters assessing the damage from a tsunami. USA Today reports that the same family has owned this island since 1864. The asylum was oppressive toward its patients, offering no help and instead offering forms of living nightmares. Today the 17-acre island is abandoned, with no one (that we no of) having fled there amidst COVID-19, seeking refuge on an island away from the crowds of the cities. If you’re near Vancouver, you’re closer to James Island than you think. The island has been featured on the paranormal shows Ghost Adventures and Scariest Places on Earth. Next: You can’t visit this island — one of the secret islands off the coast of the United States — because it belongs to a famous media mogul. The major bubonic plague that struck Italy began in 1437 and spread to Venice by 1348. Some people even claim that the CIA used the island to torture prisoners. In 2008, the tribe killed two fishermen whose boat strayed too close. It sounds like paradise, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever see this island. The island reportedly remains on the market for $75 million. There’s one area of The Bahamas that you simply cannot go. A Cavana, a church, a hospital, an asylum, a bell tower remained in the Poveglia Island. Frankly your use of the word “rehabilitation” is incorrect and insulting. The Italian government offered up the island for a long-term lease of 99 years. Atlas Obscura puts the Farallon Islands on the list of islands you’d never want to visit, even if you could. Imagine living on an island that’s easily defendable from outside forces, like illness or intruders. If you’re like most travelers, the idea of a remote island sounds like the perfect escape.