(2005). Seeing the good reception of the main series, and the popularity of princes Yuan Che and Yuan Li, in the middle stage of Lost Love in Times the production crew started producing a side story, which was released on Youku on October 11, 2017 under the title Lost Love in Times Side Story: Exquisite Drunken Dream (Chinese: 醉玲珑番外之玲珑醉梦). Twins, Birth Weight and China's "One-Child" Policy. Rationed Fertility: Theory and Evidence. According to reports, Chaser of Evil is a series set in modern time. In 1993, Zhang returned to Hong Kong. Huang, C., Li, H., Liu, P. W., & Zhang, J. Rosenzweig, M., & Zhang, J. (2010). Journal of Population Economics, 5(3), 203–215. Hard to get: the scarcity of women and the competition for high-income men in Chinese cities. Twins, Birth Weight and China’s “One-child”Policy. The Flame's Daughter: Blood like Ink: 血如墨: Legend of Fuyao: Only Want Ordinary: 只要平凡: Dying to Survive: with Jason Zhang: 2019: A Whole New World (Mandarin version) 新的世界: Aladdin : with William Chan: That Moment: 彼時: My True Friend: Water Comes From Heaven: 水从天上来: Love and Destiny: with Zheng Yunlong Bequest as a Public Good within Marriage: A Note. [9], Principal photography officially begun on 24 October 2016,[10][4] and wrapped up filming on 20 March 2017. The Evolution of China’s One-Child Policy and Its Effects on Family Outcomes. Junsen Zhang (1994) suggests that bequest to and marriage of children can lead to a Pareto inefficient allocation. Zhou Yanchen as Yi Huai, Che's personal guard and friend. (2014). Adoring (Chinese: 宠爱) is a Chinese romantic comedy-drama film directed by Larry Yang and produced by Xu Zheng.It tells 6 heartwarming stories of how people interact with their pets to discover love in their lives. Consistent with their theory, they find that a dowry improves the bride's welfare, but a bride price has no effect. Weiss, Y., Yi, J., & Zhang, J. Yao Xiaofeng – Tiger Mom Kong Sheng – All Quiet in Peking Zhao Baogang – The Young Doctor Wang Jun – Honey Bee Man Li Xiao – May December Love. [37] Junsen Zhang, Yaohui Zhao, Albert Park, and Xiaoqing Song (2005) estimate the returns to schooling in urban China using a micro sample of China's urban household survey. Globalization and wage inequality: Evidence from urban China. [21] However, the one-child policy has resulted in an aging population in the long run and slow down China's growth. NBER Working Paper. Since then, Zhang has worked at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for 26 years. [28] They find that a twin who was sent down to the countryside during China's cultural revolution, in comparison with his or her co-twin who stayed in the cities, received a larger amount of wedding gifts from the parents. Scriptwriter Rao Jun received the help of the original author to ensure a faithful adaptation. Liu Heping – All Quiet in Peking Zhao Dongling – Red Sorghum Gao Mantang – The Chinese Farmers Kun Jian – Tiger Mom Best Actor Yang Taoge as Li Lin, Yuan Zhan's loyal sidekick. Journal of Political Economy, 107(4), 786–808. Hu Rong's adoptive father. Wang, X., & Zhang, J. and Ph.D. in economics from McMaster University in 1986 and 1990, respectively. Retrieved May, 2018. Hotel boss and one of the major benefactors of Lisa's crime syndicate. Do high birth rates hamper economic growth? (2015). Edlund, L., Li, H., Yi, J., & Zhang, J. Socioeconomic determinants of fertility in China - A microeconometric analysis. (1990). Han, J., Liu, R., & Zhang, J. [38] Together with Hongbin Li, Pak-Wai Liu, and Linda Yung, Junsen Zhang is the first to collect and use a sample of twins in China to identify the returns to education using the within-twin method. Assortative Mating and Cross-Productivity. (2017). A bicycle mechanic and father-figure of Ziguang who takes in the young man after his return. Zhang is ranked second among the economists listed in the field of Chinese economy on IDEAS/RePEc. Li, H., & Zhang, J. [7] It took two weeks to make each of Liu Shishi's costumes by hand, and three months for the twenty different hairstyles; the team also spent almost five months on the preparation of more than 500 armors. [45], Fertility and China's Population Control Policy. Resource allocation within a household is central to the understanding of human behavior and the effectiveness of public policies. Han, J., Liu, R., Marchand, B. U., & Zhang, J. The old-age security hypothesis revisited. Altruism, Favoritism, and Guilt in the Allocation of Family Resources: Sophie’s Choice in Mao’s Mass Senddown Movement. [18][19][20] Hongbin Li and Junsen Zhang (2007) show that the one-child policy reduces birth rate and thus has a short-run positive effect on China's economic growth. (1992). Sex Ratios and Crime: Evidence from China. [1] The series aired two episodes back-to-back on Dragon TV every Thursday and Friday at 22:00 (CST) from 13 July to 29 September 2017. (1994). Age of Legends (Chinese: 橙红年代) is a Chinese television series starring William Chan and Ma Sichun. Junsen Zhang and William Chan (1999) reject Gary Becker's conjecture that dowry and bride price are two sides of the coin and serve to clear the marriage market and provide an alternative analysis. Liu Yijun: Nie Wanfeng (42 yo) Working Paper. Yi, J., Heckman, J. J., Zhang, J., & Conti, G. (2015). Zhang Yang as Qing Bingling, dark sorceress and second chamberlain of the Jade Blood Chamber. [32][33] Mark Rosenzweig and Junsen Zhang (2014) find that the prevalence of intergenerational co-residence in China raises the young's savings rate. (2012). [30][31] Together with Jie Zhang and Ronald Lee, Junsen Zhang shows that rising longevity increases investment in human capital and physical capital and thus tends to reduce fertility and raises economic growth. [22], One line of Junsen Zhang's research examines the effect of population control policy on human capital investment. (2007). In a recent work with Junjian Yi and Rufei Guo, Junsen Zhang offers a theory of rationed fertility in which an undesired fertility reduction is less likely to increase a child's human capital investment compared with a desired one. The series aired two episodes back-to-back on Dragon TV every Thursday and Friday at 22:00 from 13 July to 29 September 2017. ... including daughter … [25] Their findings imply that if promoting human capital investment is one of the main objectives of population control, then "voluntary" population control methods are preferred than "mandatory" policy instruments. Mortality and fertility: How large is the direct child replacement effect in China? Influence of Recreational Responsibilities Awards, This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 05:38. Guo, R., Yi, J., & Zhang, J. Best Director Best Screenwriter; Zheng Xiaolong – Red Sorghum. The series is helmed by the team behind the 2015 hit drama The Journey of Flower; producer Tang Lijun, director Lin Yufen and scriptwriter Rao Jun. [12] Although Becker's interpretation is retained for bride prices, a dowry is taken as a premortem bequest by altruistic parents for a daughter. Cross-Border Marriage Costs and Marriage Behavior: Theory and Evidence. She becomes infatuated with Ziguang. The Effects of Children’s Gender Composition on Filial Piety and Old-Age Support. [3] Following his graduation, Zhang worked as an assistant professor in the Department of Economics of University of Western Ontario from 1990 to 1993. [14] Lena Edlund, Hongbin Li, Junjian Yi, and Junsen Zhang (2013) show that China's sex ratio imbalance incentivizes Chinese men to engage in crime. Zhang, J., Liu, P.-W., & Yung, L. (2007). [2] Starting from 6 September 2017, the series took over the timeslot for The Jin Xing Show, airing on every Wednesdays at 22:00 (CST), in addition to its current timeslot. Demographic age structure and economic development: Evidence from Chinese provinces. [17], In the early 1990s, Junsen Zhang pioneered the use of micro data in the examination of the determinants of Chinese fertility and compliance with China's "one-child" policy. [8] A 30,000 square meters set was built from scratch. Journal of International Economics, 100, 220–232. Zhang, H., Zhang, H., & Zhang, J. (2013). Childhood friend of Ziguang. They are the first to pin down the existence of "guilt" that can enforce commitment in social contracts. In a joint work with Hongbin Li, Pak-Wai Liu, and Ning Ma, Junsen Zhang uses the Chinese twin data to show that members of the communist party have higher endowments compared with non-members. Journal of Human Resources, 38(1), 99–110. [15] The association between sex ratio and crime is driven by the adverse marriage market conditions faced by Chinese men. (2013). International Economic Review, 59(2), 757–784. [5], Zhang had been the president of the Hong Kong Economic Association from 2007 to 2011. After Ziguang's return, they run the restaurant together. Junsen Zhang and William Chan (1999) reject Gary Becker's conjecture that dowry and bride price are two sides of the coin and serve to clear the marriage market and provide an alternative analysis. Working Paper. Journal of Development Economics, 135, 222–234. Naturally gifted at the sense of smell, she is a highly skilled perfume maker. Journal of Public Economics, 48(2), 239–258. Zhang, J., & Liu, P.-W. (2003). (2018). [41] Mark Rosenzweig and Junsen Zhang (2013) explain the closing gender gap in education by the rising returns to skills and women's comparative advantage in brain-intensive tasks and use variations in the birth weights of Chinese twins to test their explanation. Xuebo Wang and Junsen Zhang (2018) go beyond the quantity–quality tradeoff. Mortality decline and long-run economic growth. The Cultural Revolution and Returns to Schooling in China: Estimates based on twins. He has published over 100 research articles in international academic journals, including four publications in the Journal of Political Economy and one in the Review of Economic Studies. (2019). Yuk-fai Fong and Junsen Zhang (2001) prove that Pierre-André Chiappori's collective model of household decision making can be extended to allow the identification of independent and spousal leisure. Journal of International Economics, 87(2), 288–297.