The wise words of Linny the guinea pig helped us many times while our son was adjusting to his new baby sibling. It also has really great classical music and really cute theme song! The Wonder Pets rescue a baby crane who is stuck in his nest too close to a volcano. The Wonder Pets try to free an old white mouse after he gets stuck in a cuckoo clock. The Pets get a call from a young cow who is having trouble jumping over the moon. The cherry on top of the mess is the awful, awful lyrics to the music which, I'm warning you now, will get into your brain and never leave. Most likely, your preschooler will love it at first. A Skunk Rocker asks the Pets to help him find a band. Help them get to the crane by using the joystick or motion controller to steer the Flyboat. In this swinging Andrews Sisters-style show, the Wonder Pets get a phone call from Little Bo Peep, who's lost her three singing Sheep. It's so CUTE. However the voices drive me nuts! My two year old loves this show and never wants to miss it! Other than the duck, it is a pretty cute show for young children. Common Sense and other associated names and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN: 41-2024986). My younger cousin loved this as a toddler. The Wonder Pets set out to rescue a sea creature who lives underwater, but end up being swallowed by a giant whale, and need to be rescued themselves. The Wonder Pets use clues to figure out what animal needs to be rescued after their phone breaks. The Wonder Pets head to Chicago to help a cricket that becomes trapped in a soap bubble. They don't appreciate the music, which changes between genres in most stories, the same way I do. My son loves this show more then anything this and backyardagins are his vav anyways its great for children to find excitment in there books or backyards what ever they watch. When no pets need to be saved Ming-Ming goes out in search of pets to rescue and soon learns that she is the one who needs to be rescued. The Wonder Pets head to Japan to help a lost Sea Turtle that is looking for the sea. colorig book to save him. Ollie vanishes in a magician's hat and it's up to the Wonder Pets to find him. All audio and video are property of their respective owners. Not impressed, Ming-Ming begins a silent treatment of her own. The Wonder Pets save a pair of brother and sister sea lions who are playing a game of tug-of-war too close to the water. The animals are in just the right amount of "peril" (ranging from a dolphin stuck in a net to a puppy who needs to figure out how to use the doggie door). Its really annoying. The Pets travel to Transylvania to help a baby bat who is afraid of the dark. The Wonder Pets rescue a baby crane who is stuck in his nest too close to a volcano. Not that kids who have one are bad but when your kids that are trying to talk are listing to a duck say twouble etc through the whole thing it gets a little old!!! Sofie Zamchick Linny The Guinea Pig . He'd still love watching it, except now we've seen all the episodes! © Common Sense Media. Just don't do it. The one positive takeaway I have from it is the catchphrase, "What's gonna work? And finally, of course, it's extremely gentle, completely nonviolent, reinforces parent/kid relationships while still showing animals being independent, and full of great role models. The Wonder Pets visit a crocodile with a toothache. The pets travel to Tanzania to help a baby rhino find a friend. The Wonder Pets help a baby blowfish off to her first day at her new preschool. The Wonder Pets help Sammy and his Rats learn the importance of teamwork. Teala Dunn Tuck the Turtle . The Wonder Pets must work together to save a baby goldfish in an aquarium is trapped inside a bubbling treasure chest. I wish my 3 year old had never seen this show. My daughter doesn't know many words yet, but everytime it comes on she'll sing "Ming Ming too!" Ming-Ming flies through the shrink machine the wrong way and becomes enormous! The Wonder Pets must stop a herd of sheep before they fall off the cliff. © 2020 Metacafe, LLC. I found out about it after reading that the creator is also the guy behind Oobi. The Wonder Pets follow Mouse King through the winter wonderland filled with dolls, fairies, and music, so they can get back their nutcracker gift. Add comment. The Big Bad Wolf is chasing her, but she doesn't believe she's in any danger. Then the Wonder Pets try to stop two different armies of ants from fighting at a picnic. Add to collection. 21 Dec 2008 1 523. (See: "The Wonder Pets Save the Rat Pack," an adorable band of rats who need help working together.) Common Sense is the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century. I actually find myself gravitating toward the living room singing along when it comes on, haha. 1x09 Save the Duckling! There is also the wonder pets save "the beatles" who are actually beetles stuck in a yellow submarine. After George the volcano poisons breakfast, Tyrannosaurus Alan calls for help. Teeeaaaamwork!" The Wonder Pets need to fly right into a Japanese painting to save a baby crane whose nest is near a volcano that’s about to erupt! They liked it at first, but got a bit disinterested when they realized it's the same plot and same songs in every episode. Share Video. 179. I think Wonder Pets would have and could have been a GREAT cartoon for kids and the first time I saw it that is exactly what I thought. The dragon is trapped on a cloud that is rapidly shrinking. The Pets try to reunite a pair of quarreling lovebugs on Valentine's Day. 618. As they cope with the unique difficulties of trying to save an egg, they also wonder the whole time just what type of animal the egg contains. The Wonder Pets lead a baby camel that is thirsty to his oasis. The Wonder Pets must shrink to the size of bees to help one who is having trouble making nectar. A dalmatian is scared to slide down a fire pole. :o). 2006-03-08T16:00:00Z 1x10 Save the Kitten! He knows about volcanoes, New York City, magicians, nursing homes, and circuses, all from the Wonder Pets -- and he hasn't watched in a long time, so this stuff "stuck" really well. Well first things first. The Wonder Pets go under the ground to visit Ollie because Ming Ming is afraid to go alone. The Wonder Pets help an elderly bullfrog. What I love about this show is that there's nothing really bad to worry about. The Wonder Pets must help Floppy when he gets homesick. Then the wonder pets come to the aid of a slug and a little bee after they lose control of the fly boat. My kids love Oobi so I decided to show her some Wonder Pets. Just about every episode is based on this completely illogical premise about an animal needing rescue, and it's usually a scenario that actually wouldn't require help at all, much less animals flying halfway around the world to help. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming try to save a calf that is caught in a tornado. Join now. A drawing of a special Pangaroo, which is part parrot and part kangaroo, is throw in the garbage can and it needs the Wonder Pets to retreive it. The Wonder Pets rescue a baby crane who is stuck in his nest too close to a volcano. Save the Crane is an episode of Wonder Pets! Actors. 2006-03-08T16:00:00Z 1x09 Save the Duckling! GREAT show! They enjoy the delights of Coney Island as they try to persuade the squirrel. Tuck gets jealous of Buck's skateboarding ability. The Pets travel to Scotland to help the infamous Loch Ness Monster. He understands we can't breathe underwater, and he knows they are not fish. The Pets must save a kitten who is floating on a piece of drift wood in Italy. It is so cute an sweet! Linny the guinea pig, Tuck the turtle, and Ming-Ming the duckling are class pets in a schoolhouse. S01E09 Save the Duckling! I don't recommend it for the audience it is intended for, since that age group is developing their speech still. No real scary parts (that I've seen), no bad guys, no violence, name calling, or bad messages for kids. It's so cute. S01E10 Save the Kitten! The Wonder Pets return to the Magical Land seen in Save the Unicorn! The pigs are faced with a big, bad wolf who is trying to blow down their homes. After a while you will notice yourself folding clothes and mumbling "Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming too...we're wonder pets and we'll help you. The Wonder Pets get a call from Humpty Dumpty who is teetering precariously on a wall in a pop-up book. to rescue the baby dragon. The Wonder Pets must figure out how to stop it before her home is destroyed. This colorful world provides an exciting adventure for the Wonder Pets, who face the challenge of rescuing the flamingo without being trapped themselves. The Wonder Pets travel to Cape Cod to help a trapped Lobster free himself before the trap is raised. The Wonder Pets are followed home from Costa Rica by a baby Gecko. I love this cartoon. The Wonder Pets receive a call for rescue from an egg and travel to Yellowstone Park. My daughter LOVES watching the animals and learning about different places. is OK for your kids? Team Work!". … The wolf acts as if he's friendly to trick her, while secretly plotting to eat both her and her grandmother. The kids learn about different animals, teamwork and being a kind person. Then the Wonder Pets must rescue a poodle from the top of the Eiffel Tower. When they are left alone in the classroom after each school day ends, they wait for a special phone to ring and alert them to an animal in trouble. First off, there are solid messages: helpfulness and teamwork. They make a net out of Ming Ming's sweater and reel the baby reindeer in. But besides that even, it's a great educational show about working together and using logic to solve problems. March 8, 2006; Nickelodeon; When no pets need to be saved Ming-Ming goes out in search of pets to rescue and soon learns that she is the one who needs to be rescued. The Pets must convince a pair of bears to share a pot of honey with each other. The Wonder Pets once again travel to the puppet theater, this time to save Little Red Riding Hood. And finally, of course, it's extremely gentle, completely nonviolent, reinforces parent/kid relationships while still showing animals being independent, and full of great role models. An alien is in danger of being trapped on earth if the Wonder Pets can't get him out in time. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming try to help an inchworm understand what is going on when he friend, the caterpillar, starts his journey into becoming a butterfly. A piglet needs the Wonder Pets' help really close to the schoolhouse. The Wonder Pets help a distraught spider that keeps being flushed down the waterspout in a painting. The Wonder Pets Save Tyrannosaurus Alan. Ollie, the bunny who once joined the Pets on a rescue, sets up his own animal-rescue service. The Pets travel to space to attend the Visitor's birthday party. 2006-03-08T16:00:00Z — 23 mins; 134. Linny Tuck Ming-Ming Baby Crane Father Crane The Wonder Pets leaped into a Japanese painting to save a baby crane from an erupting volcano. HTML-code: Copy . The Wonder Pets join the world of fairy tale theater when they receive a call from The Three Little Pigs. It's a relaxing, sunny place, but they do their best to keep their minds on the job. That ducks lisp is beyond annoying, and if they wanted to promote education they would have the duck in speech classes. It was so cool when our son heard a recording of Frank Sinatra and shouted, "It's the Rat Pack!" He thanks the Wonder Pets and grants them each a wish for rescuing him. This show is absolutely wonderful. All Rights Reserved. My 3 year old is an animal lover, so this is right up her alley. from season one. Add. While they are there, they discover a hermit crab that's in need of a new shell and decide to help out. Ming-Ming draws a colorful story about a Moose stuck in a caboose that's headed for a cliff! The Wonder Pets must save the day and teamwork is their main tool! Tweet Share on Facebook. The structure of the episodes is excellent -- there's a clear pattern to each story, and sometimes deliberate breaks from that pattern, and we think that's a great lesson. I should hate this show but I don't. I do not think it is entirely educational as it promotes speech problems in children.