Posts: 108, good luck jerry hope you doing well and how is ed doing now have not of him in some time ed is good as it gets in my book. We feed and recommend PURINA dog food. CH GRNITECH'PR'COONVALLEY WILD SKEETER(Sold to Seth Isch) (GrNt 'PR' Hardtime Rocky 4 x GrNt 'PR' Long Hollow Tree Talking Coin) Thank you to the Farmer's for their continued support of Rasputin and his progeny. Location: -Georgia Carolina Peach Classic Champion Female Fri/Sat Posts: 842, i miss him so much..he was so good to me and jamie, __________________ Perfection of a dog starts with the handler from start to finish, one female 350.00 dollar double grizzly breed about 4 month old. UKC PERFORMANCE/PKC SUPER STAKESBORN 5/22/2014. THANK YOU TO OUR NEW PUP OWNERS!!! Price for either male or female is $400.00, with a $50.00 deposit to hold your pup. These are Mr. Collins' pick of the litter pups and  intended to keep all of these pups, but due to his age and health he cannot keep them all. THE FIRST CROSS OF 08/05/2013 HAS ALREADY PRODUCED CHAMPIONS  WINNING ON THE BENCH AND HUNTS. I have a pup from this litter myself that I am keeping. Please let us know if you are interested and thank you for your interest in Rasputin. Queenie also has an outstanding PKC pedigree and earnings: --------------------GRNITECH NEUSE RIVER DOOLEY II, ---------------GRNITECH CH NEUSE RIVER RAMBO, --------------------NITECH’PR’ KIRBY’S RED PEPPER, ----------CH GRNITECH’PR’ MICHIGIAM SWAMP ROOSTER, --------------------GRNITECH GRCH ‘PR’ WILCOX’ THUNDER BINGO, ---------------GRNITECH’PR’RAFFLE’S BILLIE JO, --------------------GRNITECH TENBROOKS BLUE QUEEN, --------------------GRNITECH GRCH ‘PR’ EVANS’ RED JOE, ---------------GRNITECH’PR’ CAMPBELL’S BLUEGRASS AMOS, ----------NITECH GRCH’PR’ PINE KNOB CRYSTAL II, --------------------GRNITECH GRCH’PR’ SUGAR CREEK RAMBO, ---------------GRNITECH GRCH’PR’ PINE KNOB CRYSTAL, --------------------GRNITECH’PR’RAFFLE’S BILLIE JO, --------------------NITECH CHIGGER HILL GOLDEN SONNY, --------------------NITECH CH TALL TIMBER KATE, --------------------WAGNER’S SILVERTONE TOM, ----------------NITECH’PR’BALLARD’S SWEETWATER SUE, --------------------BALLARD’S LOGLICK MINNIE, --------------------GRNITECH GRCH’PR’DONNA’S HARDTYMES, ----------------NITECH’PR’BOLENDER’S STINGING WASP, --------------------’PR’CONN’S HARDWOOD JUDY, --------------------NITECH WRIGHT’S EAGLE CRK TIMBER. BORN 5/22/2014. We decide to have pups from time to time out of our proven females. *, Dam, CH 'PR' Taylor Made Thundering Magic:-----GRCH 'PR McCoy's Red Screamin' Sammie (by Treeing Little Bam)--CCH CH 'PR' Whiterock Mtn. ----------CH GRNTCH GAMBELS HILLBILLY MIKE, -------GRNTCH GRCH THOMPSONS HILLBILLY CLYDE, ----------GRNTCH GRCH COVINGTON'S ROYALIRE, ----------GRNITECH 'PR' BRIAR CREEK SNAKE, ------GRNITECH 'PR' BECK'S PITHOLE CREEK HUCK A BUCK, ----------GRNITECH 'PR' CABIN CREEK PUKIN, ----------GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' PINE KNOB DURANGO, ----------GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' TIMBER VALLEY LUCKY, ----------GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' WILCOX' THUNDER BINGO, ------GRNITECH 'PR' WILCOX' THUNDER SAINT NICK, ----------GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' HALL'S COMANCHE, ------GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' HALL'S SHINING STAR JJK. Pr waylons smooth Talking preacher boy Red Ruger-----GRCH Hill's Little Blue Bell (by Bigtime Bull)Molly-----GRCH Hill's Little Flaming Flint (Ohio River Chunk x WSHOWCH Bobbie Lou)--GRCH 'PR' Hill's Little Dolly-----GRCH Hoss' Little Sophie, AKC CCH / ACHA GRNITECH CH YOUTHWORLDCH / UKC GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Taylor's Rasputin HTXxCH 'PR' Taylor Made Bad Moon Rising. (GrCh GrNt 'PR' Nettle Creek Stick 2 It x 'PR' Swampbottom Tree Sassy) LateNite at its Best, Registered: Nov 2010 UKC DUAL GRAND/ACHA CH GRNITECH/AKC CCH TAYLOR'S RASPUTIN & CH'PR'TAYLORMADE BAD MOON RISING. --------------------GRNITECH GRCH WILCOX’ THUNDER J.R. ---------------GRNITECH GRCH’PR’ WILCOX’ THUNDER BINGO, --------------------GRNITECH GRCH DICKEY’S OLD SANDY, ----------GRNITECH GRCH’PR’ TIMER VALLEY LUCKY, --------------------GRNITECH ROCK N’ ROLL ROWDY, ---------------CH GRNITECH BLUE MAGIC GOLD, --------------------GRNITECH THURBER’S BLUE BELL, ----------------CH GRNITECH‘PR’ MICHIGAN SWAMP ROOSTER, --------------------GRNITECH’PR’ RAFFLE’S BILLIE JO, ----------GRNITECH GRCH’PR’ CRIDLIN’S RED SWAMP RATT, --------------------GRNITECH’PR’ SUMMERS’ TENN WOODY, ----------------NITECH GRCH’PR’ CRIDLIN’S RED JILL, --------------------‘PR’MELODY MEADOWS LIZ, ----------------GRNITECH’PR’BRIAR CREEK SAMMY, --------------------NITECH’PR’ HARD CREEK STACEY, -----------NITECH BRIAR CREEK ROCKIN ROXY, --------------------GRNITECH’PR’ HARD CREEK HOBO MAN, --------------------NITECH’PR’ BRIAR CREEK LITTLE DIXIE-B, RASPUTIN X LADY DIANA PUP PICTURES & VIDEO AT 3 WEEKS OLD, Thank you to the Farmer Family in Alabama. -2018 Georgia State Championship 3rd overall LOUD,LOUD,LOUD!!!!!!!! BORN 06/04/2014. This is a dog pedigree, used by breeders and breed enthusiasts to see the ancestry and line-breeding of that individual dog. google_ad_slot = "8912903095"; ONLY 3 MALES AND 2 FEMALES AVAILABLE. AND IF YOU HADN'T NOTICED, THEY HAVE TREMENDOUS SHOW POTENTIAL. -2018 Peach Classic 10th place overall Friday night This is their second Rasputin pup!!! pr,LateNite Mainstreet Ace...Baileys Pup. GrCh GrNtCh 'PR' Woodstock Timber "Chopper" CONTACT: CARL FOSTER AT: 937-417-5613 OR CONTACT US FOR YOUR PUP NOW! Registered: Jul 2008 CH GRNITECH’PR’BARRETT’S SUNDAY CREEK ROOSTER, NITECH GRCH’PR’DARK HOLLOWS BACKWOODS BOONE, GRNITECH’PR’BECK’S PITHOLE CREEK HUCK A BUCK. Jerry. Pr HAILEYS Hailo ---------------------Lees Hardwood Jimmy---------------NITECH Mack’s Ole Bang---------------------Blue Diamond Jenny----------GNITECH GRCH Ohio River Chunk---------------------NITECH’PR’Mack’s Little Ole Bender---------------NITECH Mack’s Ole Flop---------------------Monty’s Sassie------WSHOWCH GRCH Hill’s Little Gold Nugget---------------------GRCH’PR’Duckett’s Pistol Pete---------------GRCH‘PR’ Seets’ Bear Branch Boss---------------------GRCH’PR’Tenbrooks Dolly----------WSHOWCH GRCH’PR’ Boss’ Little Bobbie Lou---------------------‘PR’Gold Nugget Blue Boy---------------GRCH’PR’Gold City Lou--------------------GRNITECH GRCH Gray & Taylor’s Sandy IICCH GRCH’PR’ALLEN’S LITTLE GOLD MAGIC--------------------Redden’s Copper T.---------------NITECH’PR’Tynes’ Whispering Bill --------------------Clark’s River Babe----------CH GRNITECH’PR’Gamble’s Hillbilly Mike--------------------GRNITECH Stewart’s cody---------------‘PR’ Tynes’ Kate--------------------‘PR’Tynes’ Toy-------GRCH’PR’Hills Little Red Dawn---------------------CH GRNITECH Merk’s Singing Tapp---------------GRNITECH Sloan’s Singing Simon---------------------NITECH CH Judy’s Molly II----------Shawnee Hill’s Katie---------------------GRNITECH Hayes’ Hard Time Speck---------------Speck’s Blue Dotty---------------------Painter Creek Molly. google_ad_height = 90; (Nt Ch Woodstock Gun x 'PR' Woodstock Josie) FIVE (5) MALES AND FOUR (4) FEMALES. Posts: 30. performance 2015 NT,ch WoodStock GUN & NT,CH WOODSTOCK GRIZZLY & GR>NT CH>WOODSTOCK REDBUD . Registered: Feb 2008 Kennel Mission. Powered by: vBulletin Version 2.3.0 Loading... Unsubscribe from Kasey Bowers? Any person(s) in violation of these terms are subject to a permanent removal from this website. LATE NITE ENGLISH KENNEL'S FOREVER SUPPORTING LATENITE HOUNDS.. Woodstock Goober      NITECH Woodstock Grizzly          Woodstock Ruby Lou   Rasputin          GRNITECH Wilcox Thunder Saint Nick      NITECH Burnetts Red Hot Red Rose          CH NITECH Warrior's Lockdown Lizzy PUPPIES          GRNITECH Rocky Run Blue Terry      GRNITECH Hall's Wild Child Joker          GRNITECH Porter's Corkscrew   Moon          GRNITECH Rocky Run Blue Terry      GRCH Pin Oak Moon          Ridgeview Heidi, AKC CCH / ACHA GRNITECH CH YouthWorldCH / UKC GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Taylor's Rasputin HTXxAKC CCH WorldShowCH / UKC CCH GRCH 'PR' Kentucky Mtn.