Growing up in an Italian household was just like that. You makin’ any scratch?” I had to ask the priest for a raise. “We got oil? “You don’t have that in your family? Everybody… everybody here has a secret. Almost 10 years after 9/11, here's what led to the death of Osama bin Laden. Finally found someone who could deal with me. There was no napping, growing up. We get along… there’s an obvious, you know, thing with the religion. or. You go right up to the… “I got a two Maniscalco tonight, you got that?” You don’t send your wife. They’re like, “Why do you have a red pepper “hanging from your rearview mirror? My biggest fear… I’m gonna die in a crash, right? I said, “Yeah, I got a dairy problem.” She’s, like, “Dairy? We grew it. After a bagel, cream cheese, lox… where they going? Marine? The damn thing will just come in. He’s gotta get down, gotta use some quads, a little core, start… tucking and fold… tuck and fold. My wife is like, “What is he doing?” I go, “I don’t know.” Now, I handle that. You’re Sicilian!” Okay, Dad, relax. You think I’m hitting the water at 6,000 miles per hour? Sections of this page. Just a red horn, dangling. SEAL Team Six raided an al-Qaeda compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in May 2011 and killed the world’s most wanted terrorist: Osama bin Laden. So, I got this upbringing, I got this weird way of looking at the world, right? Log In. How… What’s the upside on being married to bin Laden? Guy took his shoe off, looked like he had a machete hanging off his toe. Sebastian Maniscalco: What’s Wrong with People? But Italians and Jews… very similar, you know? Hers? We need Halls.”, But as odd as this upbringing might’ve… might’ve been, they taught me passion. I can’t even say the word without sweating. They’re gonna charge me an extra $8,000.” “You think the boot’s a half a pound?” I mean, I go, “Where do you want me to put this?” She’s like, “Put that in your carry-on.” I said, “It’s still going on the plane!” Wha… What does it matter… if it’s on top or underneath? They would boil water, they would drop the Vicks in the water. Your email address will not be published. All right? It feels good to be home in Chicago in the center of the city. Who’s got this time to write an 18-page essay on asparagus? The burglar thinks nobody’s home. I feel like I’m working, right? HISTORY reviews and updates its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate. Now, I don’t know how you people do the pool, but when I go to, like, a public pool, hotel pool, I go away from the people. “Now go get the antifreeze in the garage. He comes through a kitchen window. Directed by John Asher. They don’t even know how to tell you it’s extra money, right? “They’ll come set up some traps. The next day, a DNA test confirmed that the body was indeed that of Osama bin Laden. One of the, uh, one of the helicopters fell out of the sky. He’s, like, “What’s going on?” I go, “No, no, no… what’s going on in here?” I just bought the joint next door. But it’s fun. “As soon as I sit at a table, I gotta have bread within 15 seconds of sitting down, all right?” “I need something to do with my right hand, I need a… “Is there some oil coming out? He’s not trained on burrito building. Ultimately, bin Laden was found and killed within nine minutes, and SEAL Team Six was credited with carrying out a nearly flawless mission. “Get it away from me! After one Band-Aid, isn’t that a hospital visit? Nobody’s working. They got nothin’. You got nowhere to be on a Monday at 8:30 in the morning? International reactions to bin Laden’s death ranged from favorable to mixed. I live in the negative. All Rights Reserved. I go, “Why is the delivery guy in our kitchen?” I didn’t grow up with delivery people. or. I was watching cartoons on a Saturday, my-my father walked in the living room. No more hair spray. It’s so rancid. You’re on the plane. Girls, they walk in. How ya doing?” Right? You hang it on the back of the door. “I’d breast-feed if I could. And you know it’s heavy, so you kind of try and release it… You do that, like, kind of soft release. I couldn’t digest dairy, okay? Huh? You’re like, “Oh, God! We had a family meeting about it. With his inimitable delivery, he burns modern-day society through the lens of his old-world Italian-American upbringing. She comes right in. “This is the master.” And you’re like, “Oh, okay.” You don’t go in there and go, “Oh, do… this where you fuck? He had one these eyeballs, one of these fucked-up eyeballs, looking into the kitchen area. When you die, you should have leftover Band-Aids for generations to come. No, you’re not.” Her friends, like, open the refrigerator. I got the cape on eBay for 18 grand.”, I live in Los Angeles; I see it on the day-to-day. Ten cases of Schlitz. She likes to come out and play. It’s got to be the Internet. Me? “What is go…?” They find bin Laden in his bedroom. The mission continues, uninterrupted.3:39 p.m. – Osama bin Laden is located on the third floor of the compound and is shot in the head, above the left eye.Sometime during the operation, three other men (including one of bin Laden’s sons) and a woman in the compound are also killed.3:53 p.m. – President Obama receives preliminary word that bin Laden is identified and dead.3:55 p.m. – SEAL team members move bin Laden’s body to the first floor of the compound and place it in a body bag.3:39 p.m.-4:10 p.m. – The team locates and retrieves multiple items from the compound for intelligence investigation.4:05 p.m. – The first helicopter exits the compound.4:08 p.m. – The team destroys the chopper that crashed.4:10 p.m. – A backup helicopter scoops up remaining team members and leaves the area.5:53 p.m. – The choppers with SEAL team members return to Afghanistan.7:01 p.m. – President Obama receives further intelligence information that the body killed in the raid is likely that of bin Laden.11:35 p.m. – President Obama addresses the nation about the raid.12:59 a.m. – Osama bin Laden’s body is buried at sea within 24 hours to comply with Islamic law.