Yuuki, by talking to Asuna, was able to inspire her to help her mother see her point of view. Required fields are marked *. As the discussion turned to their own thoughts and feelings on virtual reality, Yuuki found herself wishing to continue feeling as happy as she did at that moment. March 29, 2026[4] Yuuki with Asuna on the cover of the Sword Art Online II Blu-ray Disc compilation box. However, during the course of 4th grade, a group of students found out that Yuuki was a carrier of HIV and began spreading rumors about Yuuki. Yuuki Konno The next day on January 8, their first attempt at defeating the Floor Boss was unsuccessful, and the Sleeping Knights learned that a larger guild had surreptitiously observed their efforts in order to gain information on the boss before going in to kill it themselves. After transferring to a new school, Yuuki's condition gradually became worse and the reason suspected by her doctor was from the rejection caused by the parents and teachers of her old school. After a difficult battle, the Sleeping Knights were able to defeat the boss. Mother's Rosario Manga Stage.001 (Cameo)Mother's Rosario Manga Stage.002 (Actual) As they examined their new surroundings in wonderment, Yuuki and Ran were greeted by Merida, who introduced them to the basics of Asuka Empire's mechanics. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mother's Rosario Manga Stage.002 (Actual). Do-Gooder Yuuki is playable in Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX IGNITION via downloadable content (DLC) for the console version. Yuuki and Ran on the cover of Sisters' Prayer. SereGa Yuuki also acknowledged Kirito as being as strong a player as Asuna, yet she didn't ask for his help because he had discovered her secret as a user of the MediCuboid. Doubting her ability to convince Merida through words alone that she could still find a purpose to live for outside of Sword Art Online, Yuuki challenged her to a duel in Asuka Empire, hoping to properly convey all of her thoughts and emotions through it. YouTube As rumors about Yuuki spread around the school, she was forced to transfer schools. Due to dystocia, a caesarean section had to be performed. However, two days later on May 23, Yuuki was notified by Ran that Merida had taken Aiko's modified NerveGear after arriving at the hospital, leaving a note detailing her plan to use it to log into Sword Art Online. Unnamed Parents (deceased)Aiko Konno (twin sister; deceased) Voiced By When Yuuki confirmed with the leader of the group that they had no intention to let the Sleeping Knights pass, she candidly and casually decided to fight their way through, much to shock of the leader and Asuna. As a Medicuboid user, she was one of the few people who had more playtime than the "survivors from the SAO incident", having been logged on for over three years continuously.